4 Aug 2015

#BlogAtTheBeach With Icelolly Holiday

Two years ago I went to my first ever blogger event. It was in Melbourne and it was called #VoicesOf2013. I can remember feeling like I'd found my tribe. I spoke to so many inspiring women that day who had built their lives on their own terms. It was so exciting to be around these women - up until that time I'd always been a bit of a closet-entrepreneur. I didn't know I was an entrepreneur because no one had ever told me I was, but I'd always had an uncontrollable urge to invent, create, to find new ways of doing things and to question authority. This event was the first signal that rather than being unable to take orders and unable to work hard, I was actually just trying to make myself fit into the wrong mold.

That event sealed the deal for me - I knew that if I kept on writing my blog and saying yes to opportunities that came from it, I'd keep meeting inspiring people who left me feeling energised and motivated. I would keep meeting the right people.