15 Jun 2015

Yellowcake At Shakespeares

My friend Sarah is in a band called Yellowcake. They sing melodic, melancholic folky songs armed with an array of instruments and emotions. Recently, I went to one of their gigs in Sheffield.

The gig was at one my favourite pubs in Sheffield - Shakespeares. I love it here because it's full of character and everyone is always in cheery, laid back spirits.

I enjoy listening to Sarah on violin the most - she has a real love for music which you can see when she's on stage, and it's a true pleasure to watch!

The band consists of Sarah and Ian, with the occasional addition of Steve who plays the cajón (a percussion box!). My favourite songs include Michaels Got A Gun and Unbroken Blue.

To hear about their next gig, visit them on Facebook here.

Have you discovered a new band recently?

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