11 Jun 2015

5 Reasons To Use Edgar

Meet Edgar - a new social media management tool. I've used a variety of management tools in the past such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Buffer - Buffer is a personal favourite. I was intrigued by Edgar though, after learning about it via a Pat Flynn podcast.

It's a management tool where the user creates a library of content that is used again and again in a cycle - taking out a huge chunk of never-ending scheduling work! It's still very new and is currently invite only - you can add yourself to the invite list here.

Here are five reasons to use Edgar:

Work hard now and reap the benefits later. Yes, it takes a lot of work to create a diverse library of content - but once it's done it doesn't have to be done again. Ever.

Neat, clean and easy. A reason I love using Buffer is because of the design - it's so user friendly, easy to pick up and navigates smoothly. Edgar is the same, only better!

Hot on social. The Edgar team are the fastest to respond on social media in my experience, and with plenty of humour too. For a perfect example, see below:

It really is my favourite logo ever.
Value for money. The basic package for Edgar costs $49 per month - which averages at around £30 per month. It's more than most but in my opinion totally worth it - the level of service you get and control you have is much higher. If you decide it isn't for you within 30 days of signing up, you can get your money back.

Community. I have a feeling Edgar and I are going to be great friends. He's already introduced me to his friendly and helpful Facebook group, is always on hand to help and has plenty of tips and hints to offer me via email.

Which social media management tools do you use? Would you consider using Edgar?

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