8 May 2015

Tramlines Ahoy

Every year Tramlines gets a little bigger, better and busier. I think I'm most looking forward to Folk Forest, which this year has an expanded line up - Facebook event here.

Folk Forest by Simon Butler

When Tramlines first started it showcased local bands only. Whilst I am excited at the prospect of bouncing along to Basement Jaxx and pretending I'm cool enough to listen to Wu-Tang Clan, I am ultimately all for local acts. Sheffield is a melting pot of talent, here's some acts I'm particularly looking forward to:

Photo by Jason Lim
Yellowcake. Made up of two halves and always bringing something soft, melancholic and beautiful. Listen out for Unbroken Blue and Ornaments - two personal favourites! Visit their Facebook page to hear about their latest gigs.

Photo by Simon Butler
Nat Johnson. I first saw Nat Johnson at a small event in Bird's Yard, see here. I love her voice, her style and everything else about her music! Particular favourite is her song Dog.

Photo by Kevin Wells

Slow Club. I caught up with Charles recently on the set of this video, he hasn't changed a bit since school and it's really nice to see someone talented become successful doing what they love doing!

Photo by Jason Lim
Juxtamahpigeon. Another new band on the Sheffield block. Full of energy and quirks these guys are a joy to watch as well as listen to.

What/who are you looking forward to at Tramlines?

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