4 May 2015

Kosy Koko

Sheffield has another Japanese restaurant called Koko, on Ecclesall Road. The benefit of any Asian restaurant is if you close your eyes and think really hard you can almost convince yourself that you are actually in Asia! Still no cure for when the fantasy wears off though and you see the grey English sky outside, soz!

Whilst I've yet to find a sushi joint that serves bad sushi, the decor of some places does sometimes feel a little lacklustre. For example, food at Yo Sushi has always been great in my experience, but I'm not a huge fan of the decor.

At Koko everything is very elegant, simple and well presented. Cathy went for a sushi train, I went for Tori Katsu Kare - described as a 'homely Japanese favourite'. Soft spice in the curry sauce and rich flavour in the breadcrumbed chicken.

Sushi close up by Cathy

Delicious lychee liqueur topped with prosecco
We left feeling just right!

The food on offer on Ecclesall Road, London Road and the surrounding areas is enough to keep you going for years. Have you discovered any new restaurants recently?

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