6 Apr 2015


The busier I become and the more challenges I take on, the more I need proper down time. Time away from noise and chaos, just being with people who know and love me. Time at home!

This year so far, I've been proof reading for a Huffington Post blogger, project managing a festival for South Yorkshire Housing Association, providing social media support to Now Then magazine and doing various other bits and bobs. Oh, and working full time - my plan to commit to less things this year isn't really working out.

This weekend to celebrate Easter I came home to be with my family and do the usual - eat, drink and laugh.

Granddad sorting out the seating arrangements

I was SO happy with the weather yesterday, it was perfect. Nice weather lifts my mood instantly - it's one of the biggest things I miss about Australia. It never mattered how rubbish your day was, you always knew you could step out into the sunshine and feel better immediately.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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