30 Apr 2015

Pub Life

Sheffield is very much known for its pubs and village-like feel. It's a definite change in pace from the fancy rooftop bars of Melbourne, but it's quite nice to adapt to something different.

28 Apr 2015

Sun Beams

When the weather is warm I feel like I can handle almost anything. No problem, no matter how big, can stop me from feeling content and happy.

17 Apr 2015

Culture At Cast

A while back, Doncaster got a new theatre called Cast. Its arrival coincided with me moving to Sheffield, so I didn't really get a chance to go. Last night Rachel, the co-editor and creator of Doncopolitan and I went to see a production there and have a relaxed catch up. I was so excited to finally see the place, I think the branding on the website and flyers is brilliant so I was keen to see how the venue compared.

12 Apr 2015

Sunday at Chatsworth

This morning I went to the Peaks for a walk. We caught the 218 to Chatsworth and stomped around the grounds for a couple of hours. It was lovely!

11 Apr 2015

In The Garden

I popped home yesterday to see my brother who is visiting from London. After a bit of work in the morning followed by an afternoon nap (my reward for getting ticks on my to do list), I took a few snaps in the garden.

6 Apr 2015


The busier I become and the more challenges I take on, the more I need proper down time. Time away from noise and chaos, just being with people who know and love me. Time at home!

This year so far, I've been proof reading for a Huffington Post blogger, project managing a festival for South Yorkshire Housing Association, providing social media support to Now Then magazine and doing various other bits and bobs. Oh, and working full time - my plan to commit to less things this year isn't really working out.

This weekend to celebrate Easter I came home to be with my family and do the usual - eat, drink and laugh.

2 Apr 2015

New Leaf Spa :: Clumber Park

I can't remember the last time I spent a whole day doing nothing, so I felt no guilt whatsoever about having a day doing just that to celebrate my birthday. Last week mum and I went to Clumber Park for a day at the spa.