1 Mar 2015

Weekend Bits #3

I've come to the realisation that I work in six month periods. When I make a change in my life, it takes around six months for me to get used to that change.

It was six months before I began to feel settled in Melbourne, and another six after leaving until I finally stopped missing it there so much. I'm now starting to feel really at home in Sheffield - I've been here just over six months.

I'm really happy that Sheffield is starting to make me as happy as Melbourne did because it means that I can be happy anywhere. I was very worried for a long time that I just wouldn't ever like living in the UK again, but finally I'm appreciating what there is here and how lucky I am to live here. It is a very welcome relief!

Brunch at Couch on Ecclesall Road
Recently I've been enjoying a happy balance between work and play. My current job is very tiring, so I'm managing my spare time carefully in terms of freelance work and time to myself.

I've got a lot of ideas swimming around my head for this year, but trying to stay focused on mini-goals so that I actually get stuff done rather than remain in a constant state of excitement over my ideas! I've noticed how peculiar it is that once you decide to do something, the universe suddenly starts leading you to the right people and places. I've met more inspiring people, made more useful connections and discovered more resources and information sources in the past few months than in my whole life.

My desk - aka, my second home

This weekend I spent Saturday at work - I actually did fourteen hour shift! (I work in a hospital). It was hard work but I slept extremely well on Saturday night. Today my brother and I had lunch and did some shopping for mum's birthday. And tonight I'm heading a friend's house for a curry and a film!

What have you done this weekend?

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