16 Mar 2015

Some More Things I Have Learned Recently

It's time for another one of those blog posts. The ones where I take stock of my life experience so far and tell you what I've learned. You can read my first one, which was written shortly after arriving in Melbourne, here. And my second, a few months after leaving Melbourne and coming home, here.

Here are some more things I have learned recently.

Anything is possible
Absolutely anything. You just need to, as Immy Kaur said so beautifully, unlock possibilities. Once you set aside any judgement, fear or differences and focus on a common goal with other people, amazing things can be achieved.

Being true to yourself is vital to success
I've recently been proof reading Becky Walsh's ecourse 'Get clear on your book idea', and one sentence that has really stuck with me is: 'If you're going to get clear on your book idea, first you need to get clear on YOU.'
I now believe that in order to be successful at anything you need to be transparent.
The more I've focussed on pursuing my passions, the more compelled I've felt to work on myself and learn to accept myself.

Happiness is a choice
Coming back to South Yorkshire after a year in Australia felt a bit like my life had ended. It was stressful, traumatic, depressing and it literally took me months to come to terms with it. Now though, when I look back on my time in lovely Melbourne, instead of feeling very intense pain and loss, I feel happy that I had that experience but no desire to have it now.
I'm happy with I'm doing now, and that's because I've learned that happiness isn't dependent on external factors such as my geographical location. My happiness is dependent on the things I choose to think, say and do.

Purpose creates meaning
In Melbourne I ate at nice restaurants, I went running on gorgeous beaches, I socialised with interesting people, I sipped wine at art galleries and I went to countless bars, cafés, festivals and more. I totally indulged myself in myself and in a lot of ways led a very hedonistic lifestyle. It gave me information though - information about who I am, what makes me tick and what my strengths are.
Now that I have that information, I can use it to help other people. Only helping myself would have become very boring eventually.
Having a purpose like this gives my life more meaning, and it also helps me keep my ego in check.

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