12 Feb 2015

Crafty :: Beer Central

Craft beers. I thought I'd give them a whirl. I enlisted the help of some Sheffield craft beer gurus, as I had no idea where to start.

In Sheffield's Moor Market there's a tiny little stall called Beer Central. What sets Beer Central apart from most other stores is the staff's knowledge and likeable nature. I basically walked in and said I was a total craft beer novice, I sort of knew I liked citrus flavours, and could they help me. That they did, and a few minutes later they'd helped me pick out three to test my taste buds on. Here's how they went down!

The Cleopatra apricot fruit beer was a winner, I will definitely buy some more. Full, rich, not too 'tangy' (technical term) and just the right hint of apricot. Delish!

Next is Camden Hells. I loved this one! I drank it whilst eating a homemade curry one evening and they went together perfectly.

The initial taste is sharp and rich, and the aftertaste smooth and warm. This is a lager I could happily drink anywhere at any time. It's a keeper!

This organic raspberry choice was the one I actually drank first. I took it along to a friend's house one Friday night. It was lovely and a very easy start for a craft beer novice.

Light, crisp, a sweet but not sugary taste. Went down very well indeed. I didn't feel bloated or sluggish after finishing the bottle - which I often do with any kind of cider, lager, beer or ale.

I'm going to stock up on a few bottles of Camden Hells and Cleopatra, I don't think I'll buy the raspberry one again. It was nice but I preferred the other two! 

Do you drink craft beer?

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