12 Jan 2015

Stationery Love

Today I'm going to show you some of my stationery. A 'what's in my make up bag' post wouldn't be great on this blog as I have very little interest in stuff like that - I am actually thinking of doing one as a joke!

Stationery is a different story. I'm somewhat obsessed to be honest. Sheffield recently opened a Paperchase store in the city centre and suffice to say it's changed my life here.

To begin, we have a rabbit paperweight and some cute cards. I found this paperweight at Christmas in a cracker, he now sits on top of my business cards.

I like to keep a small stock of random cards in my desk drawer. If I'm working and want a break from the screen, I often write out a quick card to a friend or family member and post it off to them as a surprise. I love writing in all its forms, but I still hold the traditional method of pen and paper as the best!

Here are some pens. These were gifts from my friend Marlee who blogs about her adventures in Melbourne over at String Of Events. They're by a brand called Typo, which is Australia's answer to Paperchase.

More thoughtful gifts. Above is a notepad keyring, so that I can jot things down on the go. And below is some decorative tape featuring Melbourne's skyline and key buildings (from Marlee again!). I love this tape, the golden building you can see below is one that I used to walk past on my commute up Swanston Street every day when I lived there.

This pencil case was a Christmas present from a close friend - the same friend who gave me the notepad keyring. I love this quote, it's good to have a motivational prompt to hand too!

This is a weekly planner I picked up at Tesco. I liked the simplicity of it and also the case design. I mainly use this to plan what shopping I need to buy and when, as I use an app called Trello for any other to do lists.

Next is an array of notebooks and an address book, all from Paperchase. The brighter the colours the better.

More Paperchase products. I absolutely adore this design, just looking at it makes me happy. In the box I keep all my notebooks and in the folder I keep any notes of projects, articles or blog posts I'm currently working on. 

I was in Paperchase last week (I make weekly visits now…) and they have this same design on a wash bag too. I was very tempted but refrained!

It's important to me to have a bright and colourful workspace. I plan to spend a lot more time working from home this year and so feeling prepared, organised and inspired is going to be vital.

I recently redecorated the wall that my desk faces. Previously I had displayed lots of infographs and prompts up there, but found that it just wasn't inspiring me.

Now, I have postcards from old friends, photographs from my travels, birthday cards that I've kept because they make me laugh and other sentimental bits and bobs.

How do you organise your workspace? Do you find inspiration is important?

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