4 Aug 2015

#BlogAtTheBeach With Icelolly Holiday

Two years ago I went to my first ever blogger event. It was in Melbourne and it was called #VoicesOf2013. I can remember feeling like I'd found my tribe. I spoke to so many inspiring women that day who had built their lives on their own terms. It was so exciting to be around these women - up until that time I'd always been a bit of a closet-entrepreneur. I didn't know I was an entrepreneur because no one had ever told me I was, but I'd always had an uncontrollable urge to invent, create, to find new ways of doing things and to question authority. This event was the first signal that rather than being unable to take orders and unable to work hard, I was actually just trying to make myself fit into the wrong mold.

That event sealed the deal for me - I knew that if I kept on writing my blog and saying yes to opportunities that came from it, I'd keep meeting inspiring people who left me feeling energised and motivated. I would keep meeting the right people.

5 Jul 2015

Private View with Plunge Theatre

Moor Deli is fast becoming renowned for a bloody brilliant theatrical experience. Last night I returned to see Private View by Plunge Theatre - a trio of friends: Tuts, Lilly and Izabella.

22 Jun 2015

On Being Positive

The biggest thing that travel taught me is this: nothing is ever as I expect it to be.

17 Jun 2015

Why I'm Backing Ricki Lake's Kickstarter

I recently started using Kindara - a fertility awareness app. It can be used to become pregnant or as an alternative to hormonal contraception.

15 Jun 2015

Yellowcake At Shakespeares

My friend Sarah is in a band called Yellowcake. They sing melodic, melancholic folky songs armed with an array of instruments and emotions. Recently, I went to one of their gigs in Sheffield.

11 Jun 2015

5 Reasons To Use Edgar

Meet Edgar - a new social media management tool. I've used a variety of management tools in the past such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Buffer - Buffer is a personal favourite. I was intrigued by Edgar though, after learning about it via a Pat Flynn podcast.

It's a management tool where the user creates a library of content that is used again and again in a cycle - taking out a huge chunk of never-ending scheduling work! It's still very new and is currently invite only - you can add yourself to the invite list here.

8 Jun 2015

Amigos Mexican Kitchen : Sheffield

London Road is one of the best places in Sheffield to get great food at an affordable price, and one of my favourite restaurants there is Amigos.

2 Jun 2015

Blogger Lunch : Bundobust Leeds

On Sunday I travelled to Leeds to catch up with a few bloggers over lunch. We met at Bundobust on Mill Hill - a craft beer bar that also serves vegetarian Indian street food!

31 May 2015

Get Clear On Book Publishing : Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh is a real mover and shaker. She writes, blogs and speaks on intuition, motivation and more. She's a mentor, public speaker and essentially a modern day leader. Recently, Becky produced an ecourse titled 'Get Clear On Book Publshing', which is all about how to get your book published. She used Kajabi Next as the course platform and it features a range of video, audio and text.

I completed the course today - it could easily be completed in one weekend if you had the whole two days free - and I'm going to tell you a little about it and what I've taken away from it.

25 May 2015

Eating Cake For Rosie May

I've had a brilliant bank holiday weekend. I've spent it at home with family and friends, there's been baking, running, relaxing and also writing. It's been lovely! I rounded it up today by going to an old family friend's house with mum for a charity fundraiser tea party, in aid of the Rosie May Foundation.

18 May 2015

#HiscoxBiz at Victoria Warehouse

Yesterday I attended another event hosted by Joes Bloggers. It was an entrepreneur workshop all about small business start ups and networking within the media industry, hosted in the absolutely stunning Victoria Warehouse. Hiscox teamed up with Startup Academy and freelance journalist Helen Nugent, to deliver a workshop full of practical and useful information.

8 May 2015

Tramlines Ahoy

Every year Tramlines gets a little bigger, better and busier. I think I'm most looking forward to Folk Forest, which this year has an expanded line up - Facebook event here.

Folk Forest by Simon Butler

4 May 2015

Kosy Koko

Sheffield has another Japanese restaurant called Koko, on Ecclesall Road. The benefit of any Asian restaurant is if you close your eyes and think really hard you can almost convince yourself that you are actually in Asia! Still no cure for when the fantasy wears off though and you see the grey English sky outside, soz!

30 Apr 2015

Pub Life

Sheffield is very much known for its pubs and village-like feel. It's a definite change in pace from the fancy rooftop bars of Melbourne, but it's quite nice to adapt to something different.

28 Apr 2015

Sun Beams

When the weather is warm I feel like I can handle almost anything. No problem, no matter how big, can stop me from feeling content and happy.

17 Apr 2015

Culture At Cast

A while back, Doncaster got a new theatre called Cast. Its arrival coincided with me moving to Sheffield, so I didn't really get a chance to go. Last night Rachel, the co-editor and creator of Doncopolitan and I went to see a production there and have a relaxed catch up. I was so excited to finally see the place, I think the branding on the website and flyers is brilliant so I was keen to see how the venue compared.

12 Apr 2015

Sunday at Chatsworth

This morning I went to the Peaks for a walk. We caught the 218 to Chatsworth and stomped around the grounds for a couple of hours. It was lovely!

11 Apr 2015

In The Garden

I popped home yesterday to see my brother who is visiting from London. After a bit of work in the morning followed by an afternoon nap (my reward for getting ticks on my to do list), I took a few snaps in the garden.

6 Apr 2015


The busier I become and the more challenges I take on, the more I need proper down time. Time away from noise and chaos, just being with people who know and love me. Time at home!

This year so far, I've been proof reading for a Huffington Post blogger, project managing a festival for South Yorkshire Housing Association, providing social media support to Now Then magazine and doing various other bits and bobs. Oh, and working full time - my plan to commit to less things this year isn't really working out.

This weekend to celebrate Easter I came home to be with my family and do the usual - eat, drink and laugh.

2 Apr 2015

New Leaf Spa :: Clumber Park

I can't remember the last time I spent a whole day doing nothing, so I felt no guilt whatsoever about having a day doing just that to celebrate my birthday. Last week mum and I went to Clumber Park for a day at the spa.

16 Mar 2015

Some More Things I Have Learned Recently

It's time for another one of those blog posts. The ones where I take stock of my life experience so far and tell you what I've learned. You can read my first one, which was written shortly after arriving in Melbourne, here. And my second, a few months after leaving Melbourne and coming home, here.

Here are some more things I have learned recently.

12 Mar 2015

Anything Is Possible

Today I went to South Yorkshire Housing Assocation, they kindly invited me to listen to Imandeep Kaur tell her story as part of their Lead Well project.

9 Mar 2015

Doncaster's First Pay As You Feel Café

A Pay As You Feel café is one where you make a donation for the food rather than paying for it, the reason being that the food is saved from being wasted, chucked or becoming landfill. In Donny the folk behind The Real Junk Food Project have got the ball rolling!

I went along to the opening to catch up with the editors of Doncopolitan and to try some of the food. All photos in this post are by Warren Draper.

8 Mar 2015

Tamper Shorts

Last week a friend and I went to Tamper Shorts - a new film event hosted by Kiwi owned Tamper (the flat whites are sublime). Held at Westfield Terrace, it was an evening of four short films with food and drinks available too.

3 Mar 2015

Why I'm Thankful For My Mum

A recent email from Joe Blogs Network revealed an excellent and very exciting blogger competition. Write a post about why you're thankful for your mum, and get the chance to win a short trip to Bruges with Great Rail. Today is actually my mum's birthday, so it's even more appropriate!

In her twenties, living in London
Here's why I am thankful for my mum...

1 Mar 2015

Weekend Bits #3

I've come to the realisation that I work in six month periods. When I make a change in my life, it takes around six months for me to get used to that change.

It was six months before I began to feel settled in Melbourne, and another six after leaving until I finally stopped missing it there so much. I'm now starting to feel really at home in Sheffield - I've been here just over six months.

12 Feb 2015

Crafty :: Beer Central

Craft beers. I thought I'd give them a whirl. I enlisted the help of some Sheffield craft beer gurus, as I had no idea where to start.

1 Feb 2015

The Power Of Travel :: Volunteering In Burkina Faso

You might have spotted my recent community post for Buzzfeed about Doncaster being pretty darn good. One of the main motivations for writing it was that I've met a lot of very inspiring people from Doncaster in the past year - real movers, shakers and makers who are out leading by example and making great things happen.

Charlotte is one of them. She's a very talented artist and in a few weeks she's heading to Burkina Faso in West Africa to volunteer via the ICS. She's currently fundraising for it, so I spoke to her about this approaching trip and also about her art.

28 Jan 2015

What I Have Learned From Dale Partridge & Pat Flynn

I recently started listening to podcasts by Dale Partridge and Pat Flynn, after my friend Daisy (Prettygreentea) recommended them to me.

17 Jan 2015

'The Zoo Story' at Moor Deli

'The Zoo Story' is a one act-play and the first piece of work by American playwright Edward Albee - who brought us 'Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?'. I've seen the film version starring Elizabeth Taylor and absolutely loved it. The story gradually becomes more intense and more sinister, you suspect it could get worse but don't expect it to - and then it does.

'The Zoo Story' has a similar vein of intensity running through it.

Heather Morgan invited me to see her production of 'The Zoo Story' at Moor Deli, which is in collaboration with the brilliant Without Walls Theatre Company.

16 Jan 2015

New Travel Blog :: Then Let's Continue

I've created a new blog! It's a collection of stories from my time overseas or exploring other parts of the UK. It's called Then Let's Continue and currently has about five stories available for your perusal. I'm going to continue adding more bit by bit.

14 Jan 2015

Meeting Heroes :: Interviewing Laura Bates

A few months back, I attended a talk in Sheffield called Celebrating Modern Feminism. It was certainly an experience I will never forget, because I ended up interviewing Laura Bates.

I bought Laura's book, Everyday Sexism, a year ago and she's been a firm hero of mine ever since.

The speakers included Laura and Lucy Anne Holmes of No More Page 3

12 Jan 2015

Stationery Love

Today I'm going to show you some of my stationery. A 'what's in my make up bag' post wouldn't be great on this blog as I have very little interest in stuff like that - I am actually thinking of doing one as a joke!

Stationery is a different story. I'm somewhat obsessed to be honest. Sheffield recently opened a Paperchase store in the city centre and suffice to say it's changed my life here.

7 Jan 2015


In light of all the stuff that's happening recently and currently (Paris shootings, Ched Evans etc), I want to talk about ways we can tackle some of the total crap the world throws at us.

In the words of Anais Nin, 'You cannot save people. You can only love them.'

5 Jan 2015

Photo Essay :: Christmas

I've had a simple but lovely Christmas this year. Lots of food, walks and shifts in a bar for extra cash.

3 Jan 2015

My Goals For 2015

I'm setting a number of goals again, but this time they're designed to help me take better care of myself and to put more energy and focus on to less pursuits.

Last year was very speculative and very varied, which is very good! But now that I have a better idea of what I like and don't like, and more importantly what I'm good at and not good at, it's time to really use my time in 2015 effectively.

I want to be healthy and productive this year. I also want a quieter year! Here's how I hope to achieve that:

2 Jan 2015

#FairyTaleFriday :: The Tale of Tuppenny Tide

Tuppenny Tide, Tuppenny Tide, this is The Tale of Tuppenny Tide!
At Tuppenny Tide, we kid you not, financial woes are set aside.
It's far away, we regret to say, but the journey there is quite a ride.
Where does it lie?! When can we go!?
Calm friends! We will confide! Gather your things and tally ho!