23 Nov 2014

Country Stomp :: Chatsworth

Today was a very beautiful, crisp autumn day. I went to Chatsworth with my mum and brother to explore the Christmas markets. I love the hustle and bustle of these things, feeling the sharp bite of the cold air and warming up with a hot tea and scone. A lovely day - it's got me right in the festive spirit too!

I hope you're in the mood for photos, because I got a bit carried away:

13 Nov 2014

Café #9 :: Sheffield

I've found a beautiful little social haven of music, hot chocolate and fuzzy warmth in Sheffield. They don't have a website, and I'll not let on where it is - you'll find it easy enough with a touch of Googling anyway!

It's called Cafe #9 and I want to come here every day.

12 Nov 2014

On The Moor :: Horror Souk

Down in London is a theatre company called Theatre Delicatessen. What they do in a nutshell, is take over abandoned buildings and perform immersive theatre - performances where the audience is just as involved as the actors.

They came up north recently and set up Moor Deli - they're currently in the old Woolworths on Sheffield's Moor. Social Sheffield's Stage Editor, Sarah, is part of the collaboration and last night I finally went down to explore.

Currently, the building has been transformed into a tardis-like maze of haunting immersive theatre - they're calling it the Horror Souk.

5 Nov 2014


I look back a lot and I ask questions a lot. Usually this results in me putting a lot of pressure on myself and feeling extremely stressed, but it also gives me energy to keep going and reminds me to keep doing what I'm doing - especially when self-doubt decides to have a growth spurt.

Just up the hill from Margo's pad. She comes here most mornings for a walk.