2 Oct 2014

Leap Of Faith :: Taken!

I'm a doer.  A mover, shaker.  I don't feel silly saying that about myself because it's true.  I believe in making things happen.  I believe in making things better in small, big and medium ways.  Less talk, more do.  Say yes, worry about the rest later.

When I came back from Melbourne I came back with a purpose and an experience.  The experience taught me that I can achieve anything I want to if I work hard enough.  As for the purpose, I hadn't figured out the details yet but it was there, burning wildly right in the pit of my stomach.

Somehow, through a crazy, absolute whirlwind of a year, things have delicately fallen into place and I'm continuing to do more and more things that I said I would.  It is both terrifying and amazing.  I am very scared about the future, but equally excited and eager to charge into it.

I'm starting to pick up freelance commissions for proof reading, editing and social media coaching - I can now say I am a freelancer.  I'm starting to take on new and promising journalism projects with the South Yorkshire Housing Association, that aside form anything else are covering really worthy causes that I feel so privileged to write about and be involved in.  I'm writing.  Editing.  Networking.

I've become what I said I wanted to become, and this roller coaster of a journey just keeps on gathering pace!

The biggest project that I want to nuture, grow into, learn from and give my all, is Social Sheffield.  I think the main thing I love about this project is the inspiring people I'm meeting through it.  It's a very exciting time.  (Pssst!  Whilst we're here go give 'em a follow on Twitter here.  Ta!)

I recently took a risk in order to allow myself more time to dedicate to these things that I'm so very passionate about.  A big risk.  But I harked back to the lessons Melbourne taught me:

Worrying is the biggest waste of time there is.
You can achieve anything.  Really.
Fate favours the fearless.
If you really, really, REALLY want to make something happen just go make it happen and don't stop trying until it's happened.
People are nice, and if you want help they'll generally give it - just ask.

It honestly scares me sometimes how connected and simultaneously disconnected the world is.  From my first day at University to sitting here in my living room writing this, each step has led to the next, dots have connected, my network has expanded but seems smaller.  It's all led, full circle, back here - to Sheffield and Doncaster where I'm from.

Yep, here comes the ultimate cheese: it feels like it was all meant to be!

Sorry (#notsorry)

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