12 Oct 2014

At The Bach :: Sheffield Cathedral

Last night we (Social Sheffield) were invited to watch a recital from Sheffield Bach Choir.  It's a long-established mixed choir, and was set to perform in the Cathedral for the first time since its renovations.  There's something wonderfully haunting about this kind of music - it's much better if you listen with your eyes closed.

Churches make me feel very reflective, I think it's because they're steeped in so much history.  I always find myself looking at the old walls and wondering how many people have been here before.  This feeling was multiplied whilst listening to the commanding choir performance - because that too is a very historical art form.

It's hard to word this without sounding like a bit of a nut job, but I'll have a go anyway.  It makes me feel very aware that we're all just passing through life.  Before we know it our time will be up.  It's very important to make the most of our time here, and to achieve the things you want to achieve.

Hope that didn't spook you too much!

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