24 Oct 2014

Indolanka :: Abbeydale Road

I have decided to eat my way around Abbeydale Road.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Indolanka was formerly known as East & West.  Last year it got refurbed and relaunched.  The menu is South Indian and Sri Lankan - not something I normally eat.  I ventured their with Cathy who is Social Sheffield's Food Editor (find her on Twitter here).

Cook & Eat :: SYHA Clusters Project

A few months ago I interviewed a member of staff from South Yorkshire Housing Association.  It was when they were running their Open Cinema projects, and I was quite taken with their high regard for creating safe & social environments where people could interact, learn something & enjoy a positive experience just for the sake of it.

The same woman a few weeks later asked me directly if I'd be interested in attending future projects in order to document the day and do a write up for them afterwards.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.  It's journalism, but more than that it's a privilege to be in some way supporting such worthy causes.

12 Oct 2014

At The Bach :: Sheffield Cathedral

Last night we (Social Sheffield) were invited to watch a recital from Sheffield Bach Choir.  It's a long-established mixed choir, and was set to perform in the Cathedral for the first time since its renovations.  There's something wonderfully haunting about this kind of music - it's much better if you listen with your eyes closed.

3 Oct 2014

Street Art :: The Studio

I recently had the absolute pleasure to nosy round the studio of a street artist from Doncaster.  I'm not going to reveal anything about them, all I'll say is the more people I meet in Doncaster the prouder I am to be from it.

I love love love this poster!  It's iconic!

2 Oct 2014

Leap Of Faith :: Taken!

I'm a doer.  A mover, shaker.  I don't feel silly saying that about myself because it's true.  I believe in making things happen.  I believe in making things better in small, big and medium ways.  Less talk, more do.  Say yes, worry about the rest later.