28 Sep 2014

The Equinox Ball :: With Firefly & Cancer Research

A few months back I was invited to go to the ball.  My aunt & uncle were going, it was to raise money for charity and they wanted me to blog about - of course I said yes.

The Equinox Ball was launched by Sarah & Paul Mullen from Doncaster, after they lost close relatives to cancer.  It raised money in support of Firefly and Cancer Research UK.  Two amazing cancer charities.

At the start we were given a few quick facts about the charities and cancer as a disease, the points that stood out to me were:

- Survivial rates of cancer have doubled in the past 30 years
- In the 1970s, 1 in 4 children survived cancer, that statistic is now 3 in 4
- Cancer Research UK employ approximately 4000 scientists, doctors and nurses

Sarah and Paul did an outstanding job with the ball.  I feel their goal was to create a memorable, emotional and feel-good experience - they did that perfectly.

It was held at The Deaf School in Doncaster.  We had a marquee, a three course meal, champagne, an auction and an adequately spacious dance floor!

Apparently the lessons from the photography workshop haven't quite sunk in yet

After emotional yet uplifting introductory speeches, we dabbed our eyes dry and prepared for the starter.  Avocado, cured meats, quails eggs - delicious.  It was at this point I realised I was incredibly hungry - I ate mine and also finished what my aunt couldn't of hers!

We popped our raffle balloons inbetween - I was a loser!

Then the main arrived.  Again, I wiped my plate clean and gave my aunt a helping hand/fork too.

My aunt and me.

Dessert came (which I forgot to capture, I was still extremely hungry!) and then the band started.

As did the dancing...

My calves were aching the following day from so much crazy dancing.  Sarah and Paul are making this an annual event, to find out more about next year's ball like their Facebook page here.

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