15 Sep 2014

Photography Workshop :: #ToastOfTheTown

Another day, another awesome and educational experience as a direct result of my blog.  Well done blog, love you!

I was invited by Joe Blogs, a blogger network connecting us with relevant brands and campaigns.  They're putting on some really creative events just like the ladies at Search Labs, it's great and very exciting to see!

It was held at the Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield, where we were treated to an in-depth photography crash course courtesy of Going Digital Yorkshire.  I learned so much!  And after arriving home took the below shot - it's not perfect and not very exciting, but I like it!

We had about an hour of going through the various features on our cameras.  I discovered that although mine is a digital camera with a hefty zoom, it's got nearly all the same features as a bridge or DSLR, just not to the same degree.  Still very impressive though!

It was so useful having people there to talk us through how to use these gadgets properly.  A bit of one on one can unlock a world of confidence!

We then wandered out to the big patch of grass (apparently more commonly known as a 'football ground'?!) to put our new knowledge to the test!  I had sat next to the lovely Chew who blogs at My Style Stories.  She agreed to be my portrait model:

I really encourage you to visit her blog, she's a lovely writer and has such a creative approach to style.  After reading just a few posts I wanted to throw open my wardrobe doors and start creating new outfits!

As always, it's a delight to be able to experience new things and to meet other people with a common interest.  Also, I'd like to say thank you to the folk who organised this event, it was really great!  We got treated to lunch and even got a camera cleaning kit with our goody bag - amazing effort and greatly appreciated!

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