14 Sep 2014

In Love With A City :: London

I am very lucky for two reasons: my brother lives in London, and I do not live far from Doncaster, which has great rail links to London.  I absolutely adore our capital city so I love the fact I have a sibling there who I can visit.  It's full of life, creativity, energy, expression and more.  I think it is literally impossible to be bored when in the big smoke.

I went down yesterday just for a day trip.  I never try and cram in loads of sightseeing when I'm here, there's no point.  Instead I prefer to pick one easy thing to do (we opted for a peruse of some free exhibitions at The Tate) and sandwich it between some nice meals (see what I did there?).

Keeps it simple and means I get to soak up a good dose of the London atmosphere - which to be honest, I enjoy far more than sightseeing!

This is one of my two lovely brothers.  He's going to kill me for this - but I reckon it's a nice test to see if he actually reads my blog!  And below is me.  We didn't plan to colour coordinate, it was a mistake.


After a wander filled with plenty of 'oohs' and 'aahs' at the views, we arrived at The Tate.  We went to the exhibitions on levels 3 and 4.  I'm a lot more open to modern art after my time in Australia, I definitely feel I can appreciate it more now!

That view though ...

In the café we watched as people made their own works of art.

After this we walked back to the Cathedral and up to one of my brother's favourite bars in London, Madison.  He likes it for the view!

It's really quite a view!

 I am trying to venture more into posting pictures of my outfits.  It's well out of my comfort zone, and being an advocate of leaving your comfort zone, I decided to do it!

So natural.

SO natural!

My bro made me laugh here he was concentrating so hard on taking a photo!
Boots // New Look
Coat // Primark
Bag // Car boot sale (!)
Dress // Some random shop in a village in South Yorks 

Yes, you are correct, I feel no shame in buying knock off handbags at car boot sales.  (They're just so much more affordable!).

After more view appreciation we sat and caught up over a glass of prosecco, marvelling at the wonder that is London.  I do still long to live here a bit, even though I am enjoying Sheffield I definitely think I'm still setting my more distant sights here.

My brother then took me to the docks near Tower Bridge for some dinner.  The atmosphere was lovely!

A beautiful day in a beautiful city!  Until next time London, you utter babe.

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