7 Sep 2014

At Table :: Zakynthos Pt 4

So I know this was supposed to be a sunrise photo essay, but I forgot about the marvellous meal we had the night before.

Food.  It's all about food.  If I want anything close to an authentic experience of a place, I know the best thing I can do to get that is eat like a local.  Culture, norms, even climate and environment are all represented in food.  Greek food, along with other European cuisines like Spanish and Italian, is pretty high up on my (massive) list of top dishes.

I love food as a shared spectacle, grazing food.  It's not just European food that complements this though - Ethiopean, Korean and others are also perfect for experiencing food rather than just eating it.

Anyway!  We found a great restaurant on the beach called Harbour House, and we FEASTED.

Mussel croquettes to start
Feta covered in cheese… YES.
Stuffed peppers dripping in oil

The croquettes were so good, like light fish cakes

Lamb kleftico

All hail the mighty baklava - which I couldn't finish!

Perfect final evening in Greece.

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