28 Sep 2014

The Equinox Ball :: With Firefly & Cancer Research

A few months back I was invited to go to the ball.  My aunt & uncle were going, it was to raise money for charity and they wanted me to blog about - of course I said yes.

The Equinox Ball was launched by Sarah & Paul Mullen from Doncaster, after they lost close relatives to cancer.  It raised money in support of Firefly and Cancer Research UK.  Two amazing cancer charities.

15 Sep 2014

Photography Workshop :: #ToastOfTheTown

Another day, another awesome and educational experience as a direct result of my blog.  Well done blog, love you!

I was invited by Joe Blogs, a blogger network connecting us with relevant brands and campaigns.  They're putting on some really creative events just like the ladies at Search Labs, it's great and very exciting to see!

It was held at the Copthorne Hotel in Sheffield, where we were treated to an in-depth photography crash course courtesy of Going Digital Yorkshire.  I learned so much!  And after arriving home took the below shot - it's not perfect and not very exciting, but I like it!

14 Sep 2014

In Love With A City :: London

I am very lucky for two reasons: my brother lives in London, and I do not live far from Doncaster, which has great rail links to London.  I absolutely adore our capital city so I love the fact I have a sibling there who I can visit.  It's full of life, creativity, energy, expression and more.  I think it is literally impossible to be bored when in the big smoke.

11 Sep 2014

How To Be Social :: Making Friends

This one is 'next level'.  This is the really scary area.  You can't even see your comfort zone from here it's that far away.
With networking, at least there's a point to it. You hand someone a business card, and it's clear you do this a lot and there's a reason for doing so etc.

You meet a stranger and ask if they want to grab a coffee on Saturday... that's uncomfortable to a much higher degree.

9 Sep 2014

How To Be Social :: Networking

I've noticed a few things since getting back to the UK.

1.  I am quite good at networking.
2.  I really enjoy networking.
3.  A lot of people generally seem to be terrified of networking.
4.  Networking does not come naturally to everybody.

When you read 'How To Be Social', you might think that I'm suggesting you're anti-social - I'm not.  I've learned that networking is all about being social, approachable, smiley, chatty - but with people that you don't know.  Hence, terrified.

8 Sep 2014

Crisp :: Zakynthos Pt 5

FIVE blog posts.  Crikey.  I wasn't even out there for five days.  On Thursday morning we were real troopers and got up in time for sunrise.  We arrived at the harbour, the thick quiet air silenced us and we sat still watching.

7 Sep 2014

At Table :: Zakynthos Pt 4

So I know this was supposed to be a sunrise photo essay, but I forgot about the marvellous meal we had the night before.

Food.  It's all about food.  If I want anything close to an authentic experience of a place, I know the best thing I can do to get that is eat like a local.  Culture, norms, even climate and environment are all represented in food.  Greek food, along with other European cuisines like Spanish and Italian, is pretty high up on my (massive) list of top dishes.

I love food as a shared spectacle, grazing food.  It's not just European food that complements this though - Ethiopean, Korean and others are also perfect for experiencing food rather than just eating it.

Anyway!  We found a great restaurant on the beach called Harbour House, and we FEASTED.

6 Sep 2014

Somewhere In Sheffield :: Audacious Art Experiment

I recently had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the Audacious Art Experiment.  A small & relaxed space in Sheffield for artists and musicians to perform.  Great music, amazingly friendly vibe and BYOB.  I loved it.

5 Sep 2014

In Colour :: Zakynthos Pt 3

I will never ever tire of a gorgeous sunset by the ocean.  Sorry to get all 'deep', but I find it a very calming and humbling experience, and savour it whenever I get the chance.

4 Sep 2014

To Town :: Zakynthos Pt 2

After a fair few glasses of rosĂ© (which by the way is highly drinkable in this part of the world, tastes like ribena!), we rolled up to our rooms and had a pretty hefty lie in the next morning.  Lie ins no longer make me feel guilty, because I hardly ever get to have them these days.  So I embraced the opportunity and was the last one up.

We eventually headed out and took a local bus to Zakynthos town.  I loved it, the architecture was so Greek!  It was pretty empty when we arrived but that gave me a golden photo opportunity to capture the town with few other tourists in shot!

This image of an elderly gent sitting sums up why I love travel.  Seeing locals just doing what they do every day.

1 Sep 2014

Olive Skinned :: Zakynthos Pt 1

Okay so first things first, the plane flew past a thunder and lightening storm on the way there.  It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.  Phew, glad I got that out.  If you head to my Instagram profile there's a short video of the amazing occurrence on there.

I came to Zakynthos to catch up with Flick, who I worked with for about 5 months in Australia.  She and her fiancĂ© were touring Europe so I grabbed the chance to go somewhere new and also see them again.