24 Aug 2014

Weekend Bits #3

I've moved out to a new pad in Sheffield with an old friend from University.  It's only been about a week but I'm loving being able to walk to work, get involved properly with Social Sheffield and explore parts of the city I've never really experienced much before.  City life is back on the cards, only this time it's in the UK's biggest village!

Homewares in the new pad

Brunch with my folks at Amici & Bici

I love the cycling theme they have here
Catching up with Rinica of Rinica Writes

My esteemed chums Leanne and Jason, who kindly offered to help me distribute some business cards.

Sheffield looking all pretty.

Acting natural, naturally
We checked out new venue Anchorage Bar, they've got a brilliant drinks menu.  It's long, but written in a concise way and easy to follow.  We opted for a few rounds of Strawberry Fields - a prosecco cocktail that tasted like a bag of gum sweets, yum!

Love this, felt it sent a subliminal message to relax and slow down

Anchorage has a great laid back vibe, I could quite easily spend a whole afternoon here I think - and hopefully I will be back to do so soon, as I've yet to try the menu!

You can follow them on Twitter here.

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