26 Aug 2014

Digital Conversation :: My Cousin Ant

You might remember my interview with Kizzy Neat earlier this year.  At some point in January, I decided to start meeting, talking to and generally making contact with people who inspire me.  My second cousin Ant is one such person, and he's my second interviewee.

I've never actually met Ant, but my family is big and bright enough for me to have heard many a dazzling tale about him.  He fought in the Falklands, he's married to a modelling agency owner and as a child he once slept on two dining chairs pushed together on the landing (my mum and her siblings were visiting, there were no free beds left).

Even though the connection is usually via Facebook, other family members and the ever distant promise of a big family meet up, I'm very glad I have his influence in my life.  Influences like his remind me that we're all human and that it's important to enjoy life regardless of whether it's what you expected or not.

1.  What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Follow your bliss

2.  What advice would you give to a group of 18 year olds today?

Never work for others.  Time is far more valuable than money.  If you do work for others make sure they pay you extremely well.

3.  What achievement are you most proud of and why?

Around 2000 with two good friends we made the first ever TV style internet series.  Newblood.  30 three minute episodes made for nothing.  Was great fun.

4.  What is 'family' to you?

Every other human on the planet...

5.  What's the biggest lesson you've learned so far?

That everything you need for life is within you.  Learn to listen.  Be kind to everyone you meet.

Ant's also got a way with words, a bit of a family trait:

Status Update
By Ant
Hands ... take someones ... hold it! Feel the throb of the heart ... we are so soft...in need of love and contact ... yet we harden and feel we can live alone ... we need contact ... we are human.

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