6 Aug 2014

Big Blog Exchange 2014

Last week mum and I were sat in the garden talking about blogs, social media and other such online stuff (needless to say I was doing most of the rambling, whilst bearing a wide-eyed grin).  We harked back to when I first started my blog.  Back in those days I didn't use Twitter or any other social media networks, I got around 10 page views a week (which I thought was good!) and I mainly saw blogging as nothing more than another way to practice my writing. 

When I first learned what Travel Blogging was I swooned over it in the kind of way you might swoon over a visit to the moon - amazing, but will never happen for me.

I've been working very hard on building my blog and my network since November and in that very short space of time some truly amazing opportunities have come my way.  I still sometimes pinch myself as I try to accept the fact that slowly and surely my dreams are actually coming true. 

SO CHEESY!  I know, I know.  But I wouldn't subject you to such cheese if it weren't absolutely true.  I've found myself on a journey towards travel blog-dom and lots of other great things, it's a bit scary but it's also thoroughly exciting and makes me really happy.

This brings me to the Big Blog Exchange!  A global competition which I have entered.  16 bloggers are picked, paired and swap lives for ten days.  Then they all blog about it and live happily ever after.  This is a HUGE deal!  If I'm going to be in with even the slightest chance of winning I need every vote I can get.

The voting process is ludicrously easy.  Just follow this link, click 'Vote For Me', enter your email address and then click the 'confirm vote' link they will send you via email to make the vote count.  It literally takes about 30 seconds.

Thank you to everyone who has voted so far and thank you for voting!  I will cry with excitement if I win.

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