26 Aug 2014

Digital Conversation :: My Cousin Ant

You might remember my interview with Kizzy Neat earlier this year.  At some point in January, I decided to start meeting, talking to and generally making contact with people who inspire me.  My second cousin Ant is one such person, and he's my second interviewee.

I've never actually met Ant, but my family is big and bright enough for me to have heard many a dazzling tale about him.  He fought in the Falklands, he's married to a modelling agency owner and as a child he once slept on two dining chairs pushed together on the landing (my mum and her siblings were visiting, there were no free beds left).

Even though the connection is usually via Facebook, other family members and the ever distant promise of a big family meet up, I'm very glad I have his influence in my life.  Influences like his remind me that we're all human and that it's important to enjoy life regardless of whether it's what you expected or not.

24 Aug 2014

Weekend Bits #3

I've moved out to a new pad in Sheffield with an old friend from University.  It's only been about a week but I'm loving being able to walk to work, get involved properly with Social Sheffield and explore parts of the city I've never really experienced much before.  City life is back on the cards, only this time it's in the UK's biggest village!

Homewares in the new pad

21 Aug 2014

20 Aug 2014

Skye High :: #VisitScotland Pt 4

There was one particular reason Visit Scotland wanted me to go to Skye.  It was to experience the Tattie Bogal Scarecrow Festival.  I don't know if I arrived too late, if they'd been moved because of the bad weather (doubt it, people on Skye laugh in the face of bad weather - I assume), but there were no tattie bogals in sight.  I was genuinely disappointed!  But never mind.

After a good search post-distillery I accepted that it wasn't going to happen and decided to explore the island some more instead.  I drove toward Portree via Sligachan, struggling to see the scenery around as real rather than a painting or film set the whole way.

Suffice to say that the Isle of Skye is absolutely bloody ruddy crikey blimey o'reilly stunning!

19 Aug 2014

What Lottie Loves :: My Media Kit

A short post today simply to announce that I now have a media kit!  This is something I have been meaning to get for almost a year.  Seriously.  I eventually decided the best way to actually get it done would be to just pay someone to make one for me!

I put out a tweet and then entered Charlotte of What Lottie Loves, who creates media kits for a small fee.  I'm really happy with the end results, it's simple, concise and looks good - just what I wanted.

She's even agreed to give a discount to any of my readers wanting their own media kit created!

18 Aug 2014

Tattie Bye :: #VisitScotland Pt 3

After a very deep sleep it was time to try again for Inverness.  The trains were still cancelled from Perth, so it would be a short train journey followed by a coach... and then a three hour drive to Skye in a hire car.  Fazed?  Pah!  I think not!

16 Aug 2014

On The Fringe :: #VisitScotland Pt 2

Aside from it being an extremely beautiful city, there was another reason I was pretty stoked to be stranded in Edinburgh for the night: The Fringe.

Possibly one of the biggest cultural events in the world, it's something I've always wanted to experience.  Sadly, I wasn't going to be able to pack a lot in to one night, something like this requires a planning.  I would have loved to see Aussie Sam Simmons, Youtuber Miranda Sings or bloody hilarious Paul Foot, but alas it was not meant to be.

I did get something out of it though, many a laugh was had.

15 Aug 2014

Journey :: #VisitScotland Pt 1

Oh HI!  Hello.  Good day to you.  The past few days, weeks (months?  I'm losing track) have been a blur.  I'm working for Social Sheffield in my spare time again and a lot of other opportunities have started to make their way to me as well.  Naturally I keep trying to say yes to all of them, so I end up with no time and a messy brain.  I even had to buy a filofax last week in an attempt to keep tabs on everything!  Tis a challenge but I'm enjoying it.

Today's blog post is the first of four about Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  A few weeks back I discovered an email from Visit Scotland in my inbox.  The tourism bigwigs for Scotland.  GUYS!!!  They invited me to go on a short press trip to Skye as part of their #HomeComing2014 campaign.  They organised my travel and accommodation and gave me plenty of suggestions for stuff to see and do whilst up there - in return I had the utterly pain staking task of going on a short holiday in Skye.

As is always the way with travel however, there were a few mishaps on the journey up there meaning my first night was spent in the grand city of Edinburgh.

Not complaining!

14 Aug 2014

#MySwissKit Giveaway!

*The giveaway has now ended*

FREE STUFF!  This is the first ever giveaway I've done, how exciting!  If you like walking, freebies, gadgets, chocolate or all of the above then you should probably (definitely) enter.

Inntravel and Zeal Media kindly sent me the following pack which is called a #MySwissKit.  Inntravel specialise in 'slow' holidays.  Walking, cycling, taking it all in.  They offer packages throughout Europe (including Switzerland, hence the #MySwissKit!).  They also decided to set aside a second #MySwissKit - for me to giveaway to one of my readers.

6 Aug 2014

Big Blog Exchange 2014

Last week mum and I were sat in the garden talking about blogs, social media and other such online stuff (needless to say I was doing most of the rambling, whilst bearing a wide-eyed grin).  We harked back to when I first started my blog.  Back in those days I didn't use Twitter or any other social media networks, I got around 10 page views a week (which I thought was good!) and I mainly saw blogging as nothing more than another way to practice my writing. 

When I first learned what Travel Blogging was I swooned over it in the kind of way you might swoon over a visit to the moon - amazing, but will never happen for me.