27 Jul 2014

Walk The Line :: Tramlines Festival 2014

Tramlines Festival is a relatively young event held in Sheffield every year (although this is year number six, crikey!), it started off very small and in just a few years has grown and grown and grown.  It features local and non-local artists alike, and is overall a really great way to spend a summery weekend.

I know this will sound a little weird, but I didn't really have any bands in mind that I was desperate to see.  I like festivals more for the atmosphere personally.  I did really want to see Deap Vally, but they were on quite late and by that point I'd had a few drinks and lost track of time - dancing like a loon in Gatsby was far more fun!

I started the day at The Folk Forest at Endcliffe Park, where we endured the sun and listened to Little Robots play.

Jason firmly not regretting his jeans & shirt decision

I devoured it all

After replenishing my energy levels on pizza, Jason and I decided to leave the others and head back into town.  Tramlines is always super busy, and we felt like a little break, so we headed to Caffe Leopold for water and a Pimms Fizz.

After this I joined Chris et al at the main stage for a bit, before going to get more food… a girl's gotta eat okay!

Stand off over Chris's olive stained shirt
I ran into a friend who I haven't since before I left for Melbourne… time flies.

We then watched Throne perform at Gatsbys.  Not the sort of music I usually listen to but they were really, really good!  A very distinct sound similar to that of Deftones - who were one of my favourite bands when I was a teenager.

Late night Division St in all its finery

After stopping to watch these guys bang drums for a bit, we headed off home to have a cup of tea, watch a bit of Alan Partridge and nod off.  A great day filled with great music (and food).

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