28 Jul 2014

Pass The Buck (Blog) :: Tagged By Anna

It's been ages, in fact years, since I did a 'tag' blog post.  Every now and again a good one comes along and this time I've been lucky enough to be included by Anna Roberts at Blogged By Anna.  She's nominated me for two, the Blog Your Heart Out tag and the Writing Process Blog Tour tag.  Basically, in a 'tag' there are set questions, and each new nominee writes up their answers and nominates more bloggers.

The tag passes around the blogosphere like a viral video!  They're a great way to interact with current readers and also find new ones.  Plus they're fun to write!

Blog Your Heart Out tag

Who/what encouraged you to start blogging?
Reading other blogs.  My first ever blog reads were Man Repeller, Junkaholique, Style Bubble and The Londoner so, having always been an avid writer, I felt a desire to join in after a while.

How did you know what topics to blog about?
My blog has been somewhat chameleon-like over the years.  I first began writing about books & films, then about anything, then about travel and now I've settled fairly firmly on travel & lifestyle, but am also starting to dip my toes into the world of interviewing people.  It's all very much trial and error and seeing which topics draw more traffic.  I try to find a good balance between topics my readers enjoy and topics that I enjoy - as the two can differ sometimes!  Ultimately I find a post gets a good response as long as it comes from the heart!

What is something most people don't know about you?
I tried to write a novel when I was 14.  I've still got a copy of what I completed and it's actually pretty good!  It's an action packed vampire novel set in New York, and includes an array of gritty, wry, intelligent and messed up characters.  The one depressing aspect though, is the main character Lucy.  She is a 25 year old woman who has an established career with the FBI, owns her own apartment and also two cars.  Clearly my expectations of my twenties back then were a little unrealistic... 

I'm proud of it and it's definitely way better than any of that Twilight twaddle!  I've obviously always wanted to write!

What three words describe your style?
Absolutely anything goes.

What do you love to do when you're not blogging?
One of my favourite ways to spend time is cooking & eating with family and friends.  There's just something great about being 'at table' with people whose company you enjoy and talking about everything and nothing.  I also love making travel plans and exploring new places in the UK (and overseas where possible).  I'm partial to running & yoga, and I really really enjoy art galleries.

Writing Process Blog Tour tag

What am I working on?
I'm currently working on two articles - both interviews.  I'm also planning more interviews to publish on my blog.  Interviewing is something I sort of stumbled into and I've discovered I absolutely love doing it.  You get to have a really in-depth chat with interesting people who you otherwise would probably never have met. 
I will soon be working on a short series of travel blog posts after a press trip I'm going on with Visit Scotland, this is something I am HUGELY excited about as it's a very progressive step towards my travel blogging dream.
I'm also the editor of Social Sheffield, a going out guide for Sheffield.  I maintain the main Twitter account, support the sub-editors, edit content for the upcoming online magazine and generally do anything else that's required of me - such as escorting a film crew around Sheffield as I did last Friday!  It's an exciting journey that's teaching me a lot of valuable lessons.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
My answer is similar to Anna's because my blog is an extension of my personality.  Therefore my blog differs to other blogs because I differ to other people.  It's in my nature to question things and look for the good in any situation or experience - I definitely think this is reflected in my writing.

Why do I write what I do?
Because I enjoy it!  I enjoy getting out and doing things, I enjoy going to restaurants, I enjoy meeting new people and I LOVE travelling.  I also love writing, so it's win win.

How does your writing process work? 
Just like my personality, my writing process is very changeable.  Sometimes I'll jot an idea down in my notebook and work on it for days or even weeks, planning, drafting, editing.  Other times I'll experience something and blog about it the minute I get home.  Sometimes it just has to come out straight away!  That was often the case when I blogged about stuff in Melbourne.  I'd get home from an event way past my bed time but would be so excited that I couldn't sleep until I'd poured it all out on my blog. 

I need no distractions to write.  I can write whilst listening to music or in silence, and my favourite place to sit is outdoors with a nice cup of green tea.  I also need time to write - something I'd really like to do soon is go away for a long weekend somewhere quiet on my own and just spend the whole time writing!

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