21 Jul 2014

Fate Favours The Fearless

I recently had a realisation, and sent out this tweet shortly after:

At some point during my time in Melbourne, I stopped worrying what others thought of me and just started doing things I wanted to do, just started being who I want to be.  I'm trying more and more to apply this to my life here, every day.  Looking back on my life recently, I've gone and done things that a few years ago I would have never even considered.  I've been to runway shows, I've interviewed strangers, I've gone to big social events on my own and networked with strangers, I've saved a lot of money in a short space of time, I've grown into someone who really like themselves.  These are thing I never thought I'd do, I thought they were impossible.  The benefits I've reaped from this have been huge and only continue to pile up.

We are already over halfway through the year (crikey!), so maybe it's a tad late for New Year's resolutions, but it's never too late to come up with revised goals.  I am, right now, making the following promises and committments to myself (you have permission to slap my wrists if you see me shying away from these):

- Say yes to any opportunity, regardless of whether I think I'm capable or not
- Meet at least one new person a month, whether professionally or socially
- I have two trips away this year (Scotland and Greece), I'm going to book a third
- Cut down from a coffee a day to one a week

The last one thrown in for good measure, it's always good to have a health focused goal along with everything else I reckon!

One of my favourite quote (and there's A LOT, as my Pinterest board will tell you) is 'all progress begins outside the comfort zone'.  I really believe this.  The second I stopped worrying and just went for things that I wanted, my life took on a very different and much more enjoyable form.

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