13 Jul 2014

Caffeine & Conversation With Kizzy :: Mrs Atha's Leeds

I'm intrigued by passionate people.  People who've taken risks and gone after what they want.  I'm making it my goal to speak directly with as many of them as possible.  It's good for me I reckon.  When I went to House Of Fashion earlier this year, I noticed that the presenter of the show was, well, passionate!  She clearly loved fashion & events.  After I wrote the blog post she saw it on Twitter, gave me a retweet, we followed each other, job done.

Then a few weeks later I thought y'know what?  I wanna know a bit more about this lady who goes by the name of Kizzy Neat, she's clearly a go getter.  Thus we met on Saturday morning for some caffeine and a conversation.  Kizzy suggested Mrs Atha's, a very sweet little cafe not far from the train station.

Kizzy is a very approachable, friendly person - which is good because I was kind of making this whole 'interviewing a stranger' thing up as I went along!  She glided to my table, gave me a brilliant smile and we got started.

Kizzy told me how she'd worked as a model for a few years but more recently decided to go 'behind the scenes'.  We covered topics such as '#girlboss', the blogosphere, things she's got in the pipeline and personal style without the hefty price tag.

Kizzy has lived in London and also New York (!), but is happy in Leeds because there's so much going on.  A huge passion for fashion and style, she's interested in exploring the world of personal stylists, whilst also staying involved in the fashion events industry and is also currently working on her own fashion line! (which will be showcased at the Leeds Fashion Show in October FYI).

We talked about how the events industry in general appears to be growing up north, which is great, but also how it's very easy to maintain a good network across the UK.  'I purposely go to London for events and talks, just to create a different network of people.'

She's also just started blogging!  'I'm just finding my feet really … find what works for me.'  I said how I find blogging great as a creative outlet that keeps you focused on your passions, and how great it is for just networking with and meeting new people.  We then discussed how important the blogosphere is for young women.  'It's empowering … everyone's always really nice to each other and if you ask them a question … they'll always help you out', I concur, hurray for blog land!

Head still a little fuzzy from Caffe Leopold the previous night, this sorted me out no end!

I enjoyed meeting Kizzy because on a personal level, I'm currently working harder than I ever have before and focussing on my own goals with more determination than ever before.  Talking to people like her only motivates me even more.  It could be, and sometimes is, very easy to look at all the negatives and demotivate myself.  But like Kizzy said, you need positive vibes.  Look at the good, look at what you have achieved.  When I look back at the past six months back in the UK and see what I've done in that time I'm incredibly proud of myself - and it only makes me wonder what else I can achieve.

Are you familiar with the term #girlboss?
'Yes!  I'm reading the book at the moment!  … It's such an empowering term.  I think every woman should read that book, even if you don't ever become your own boss, just be the boss of your own life.'

You can find Kizzy's blog at Price Tag Blog and on Twitter at @pricetagblogger.  Best of luck to Kizzy and I look forward to seeing her work in October!

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