12 Jul 2014

Bursting Bubbles :: Caffé Leopold Sheffield

As any one of my friends will tell you, I am a big fan of prosecco.  I love it.  It's delicious, bubbly, not too sweet, not too dry and just brill.  So when Leanne told me a new prosecco lounge had opened in Sheffield my eyes widened with the eagerness of a cat about to try and catch a snowflake.

Caffé Leopold is located on Leopold Street, has a tapas & mediterranean inspired menu and also serves a selection of about 13 different types of prosecco - with more to come soon.  You've got the wide-eyed-snowflake-pouncing cat look now too haven't you?

 I went with my trusty steeds Leanne and Rachel to eat, drink and be merry, and that we did.  We marched up to Leopold Street in high spirits due to it being Friday and the weather being splendid.  We wandered in to a homely, welcoming and super cute prosecco haven.

Some cute touches to the bathrooms downstairs
Leanne and Rachel doing an outstanding job of acting natural!
This was a Limoncello fizz.  It's the stuff dreams are made of.
It would be plain silly to come here and not try the menu.  Rachel chose the burger, Leanne and I had salads, and we shared a bread platter.

Amazing houmous
You can never go wrong with nice bread and good oil!
We did a good job didn't we?

This pink little fox is called a Pink Fizz.  I can't remember the name of the liqueur that goes into it, but it  was divine.  Tasted a little like pink lemonade or turkish delight!  The lovely staff suggested we try this one, so glad I did!

Rachel only had one drink because she was driving, so made up for it with this chocolate cake
I had a really nice chat with the owner Tracey who told me the inspiring story of how she came to open this place.  She's got a real passion for creating a relaxed space where Sheffield locals & visitors can enjoy a drink, learn a little about prosecco and have a good ol' natter.  A brilliant addition to the steel city!

Caffé Leopold
1-3 Leopold Street

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