12 Jul 2014

Blog Yorkshire Meet :: The Goodie Bags

These were some damn fine goodie bags.  I'm extremely impressed and still trying to figure out where I'm going to keep all this new stuff.  I'll start by showing you what was in the general Blog Yorkshire goodie bags we were given at the end:

So.  Much.  Stuff.

Such an amazing selection of… stuff!  I can't wait to start using it all, not sure where to begin really!

Next up, our goody bag from Country Attire which was also amazing:

The above two are my favourite - a floral bracelet and a fold up picnic blanket.  These items will be accompanying me to Bristol next weekend for the Harbour Festival!

Next up we have the goodie bags from House Of Fraser and Wynsors, modelled by my darling porcelain deer (a gift from down under blogger Marlee at String Of Events):

House Of Fraser to the right and Wynsors to the left!

I love this little babe, she's adorable
Equally adorable is this perfume sample.  I genuinely squealed when I took it from its box.
Last but not least, the incredible goodie bags from ESPA:

Can't wait to put these to the test!  I suffer from very oily and very dry skin (yay…?!), so am always keen to try new skincare routines - as I haven't found one that completely works yet!

I'm really touched at the attention to detail that went in to these goodie bags, it's such a kind addition to any blogger event and I'm really grateful!

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