28 Jul 2014

Pass The Buck (Blog) :: Tagged By Anna

It's been ages, in fact years, since I did a 'tag' blog post.  Every now and again a good one comes along and this time I've been lucky enough to be included by Anna Roberts at Blogged By Anna.  She's nominated me for two, the Blog Your Heart Out tag and the Writing Process Blog Tour tag.  Basically, in a 'tag' there are set questions, and each new nominee writes up their answers and nominates more bloggers.

The tag passes around the blogosphere like a viral video!  They're a great way to interact with current readers and also find new ones.  Plus they're fun to write!

27 Jul 2014

Walk The Line :: Tramlines Festival 2014

Tramlines Festival is a relatively young event held in Sheffield every year (although this is year number six, crikey!), it started off very small and in just a few years has grown and grown and grown.  It features local and non-local artists alike, and is overall a really great way to spend a summery weekend.

21 Jul 2014

Fate Favours The Fearless

I recently had a realisation, and sent out this tweet shortly after:

19 Jul 2014

Frosty Flurt :: Froyo Pop Up Sheffield

I first tried frozen yoghurt in Melbourne.  Fat free and delicious, WIN!  This new pop up is called Flurt and is located on Ecclesall Road near the Hunters Bar roundabout.  Myself and some other bloggers were invited by Kim at Kim's Beauty Draw, so I went down to add more bloggers to my network and eat some frozen yoghurt.

13 Jul 2014

Caffeine & Conversation With Kizzy :: Mrs Atha's Leeds

I'm intrigued by passionate people.  People who've taken risks and gone after what they want.  I'm making it my goal to speak directly with as many of them as possible.  It's good for me I reckon.  When I went to House Of Fashion earlier this year, I noticed that the presenter of the show was, well, passionate!  She clearly loved fashion & events.  After I wrote the blog post she saw it on Twitter, gave me a retweet, we followed each other, job done.

Then a few weeks later I thought y'know what?  I wanna know a bit more about this lady who goes by the name of Kizzy Neat, she's clearly a go getter.  Thus we met on Saturday morning for some caffeine and a conversation.  Kizzy suggested Mrs Atha's, a very sweet little cafe not far from the train station.

12 Jul 2014

Blog Yorkshire Meet :: The Goodie Bags

These were some damn fine goodie bags.  I'm extremely impressed and still trying to figure out where I'm going to keep all this new stuff.  I'll start by showing you what was in the general Blog Yorkshire goodie bags we were given at the end:

So.  Much.  Stuff.

Blog Yorkshire Meet :: Revolutions Leeds

Where to begin?  This meet up was bloody brilliant!  They're getting better and better!  First of all, follow this link to view the new Blog Yorkshire site.  Secondly, a huge thank you to Beauties Unlocked and Music And Eyeliner for organising the event, they did an absolutely fantastic job.  Thirdly, another thank you to the amazing girls at Search Laboratory for their top work as well.  Fourth and lastly, thanks to the brands who came, gave us goodie bags and answered all our beauty related questions.  The whole thing was orchestrated brilliantly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Bursting Bubbles :: Caffé Leopold Sheffield

As any one of my friends will tell you, I am a big fan of prosecco.  I love it.  It's delicious, bubbly, not too sweet, not too dry and just brill.  So when Leanne told me a new prosecco lounge had opened in Sheffield my eyes widened with the eagerness of a cat about to try and catch a snowflake.

Caffé Leopold is located on Leopold Street, has a tapas & mediterranean inspired menu and also serves a selection of about 13 different types of prosecco - with more to come soon.  You've got the wide-eyed-snowflake-pouncing cat look now too haven't you?

6 Jul 2014

Weekend Bits #2

The weather made me VERY happy this weekend.  Two close friends came up to visit and we went to a family barbecue as my great aunt was visiting from New Zealand.  Laughter, food, sun and family - what more could you want!

2 Jul 2014

Some Things I Have Learned Recently Pt 2

My first 'some things I have learned recently' post can be read by following this link.  When I wrote it I can remember feeling refreshed, cleansed almost, because I really felt I'd learned those things first hand.  In the months that followed I had what can only be described as one the best times of my life.  Living in Melbourne, I built up a pretty rad life for myself from literally nothing.  Far from perfect of course, but for the first time in my life I think I really mastered 'living in the moment', and not worrying about things that I can't control.

My past few months back in the UK have also taught me a thing or two, and here they are.