24 Jun 2014

Weekend Bits

Does anyone else have friends that you can go months without seeing and when you do it's just the same as always?  The sort of friends you can do absolutely anything with, or nothing at all with?  I caught up with one such friend at the weekend in Coventry.

This is my new favourite magazine.  I love the way they approach travel as a lifelong necessity.

Dave's flat has a view of the cathedral… sort of.  You can just see the spire to the left...
Went to Leamington Spa on Saturday, not been before, it's lovely!
Also hadn't had Carribean food before, also lovely!

These were deep fried chickpeas I think - they'd make a great event snack!

I missed these little guys when I was living down under, they're adorable.

I didn't send a tweet, instagram or even check my emails the whole weekend.  A much needed break for sure!

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