26 Jun 2014

The New Fringe At Church View, Doncaster

It's very easy to disregard social media and say 'What's the point?  What good does it do?'.  I'd say it does a world of good, from saving lives during the Japanese tsunami, to making networking much easier in a small town like Doncaster.  If Twitter didn't exist, I would never have made digital contact with Rachel, editor of Doncopolitan, or with 'Dr Muttley', who contributed an article to the first issue.  A few weeks ago, on Twitter, he invited me to have a look at the art on show at Church View, as part of The New Fringe, and I finally got to meet him in person.  Disappointingly enough he isn't a cartoon dog in real life.

So thanks to Twitter, I can now bring you a taste of the amazing work being exhibited here.  It's right next to the Minster, so a very short walk from town and an even shorter one from the station.  Doncaster local or not, come have a look.  Why not?

The exhibition is running until 12 July and is open for public viewing Weds - Sat from 10:30am til 4:00pm.  I get that art isn't for everyone, but it's always worth keeping an open mind.  Especially when, like at this exhibition, the art on show is really varied and interesting.

With the sun out I couldn't resist a few snaps of the Minster itself

Does anyone know the story behind this little building?  I really like it!

Hmm wonder what's going on behind those pretty windows… let's go see!

music practice with absent listener by Janet Sampson.  I wanna know what the window guy in the background is doing!
cool cat: yellow by Alice Farrington
merino house by Simon Lewis.  I loved the detail on this one.
A brilliant space for exhibiting art
I even came across Rachel's very own work of art.  For me, it felt a little like looking into her own memories of her childhood experience.  There was plenty to feast my eyes on which I love, here it is below:

Great light from those lovely windows
This piece by Emily Rowley just made me think of going round nans for a cuppa!
A Pip Armstrong creation
Loved this by Dave Williams.  He has a clever method for making these, which I was lucky enough to witness.
After basking in the beauty of the art for a bit, I was kindly invited to take a look next door where some of the artists are using an otherwise empty space to work.  This building is owned by Church View but currently there is no funding to renovate it properly.  

The street art as featured in issue one of Doncopolitan.  Issue two is out in a couple of weeks by the way, keep your eyes open!

We then had a lengthy chat about the slight lack of street art in Doncaster.  Compare it to our neighbour Sheffield, which is thriving with enough street art to rival an internationally renowned city such as Melbourne.  It's a shame because I'm certain there must be loads of talent lying just beneath the surface.  That's a hint by the way, if you are someone or know someone who's form Donny and can create beautiful street art then go, be free, paint our brick walls!

I'm looking forward to revisiting Church View, I'm hoping to take part in their Life Drawing class on July 12!