5 Jun 2014

The Food Tour Continues

What better way to explore a city or town than by eating your way through it.  What?  Just me?  Well, good, more food to make its way to my belly then.  Recently I've been snapping images of the edible joys I've come across in Doncaster.  So far these mouth-watering expeditions have only gone as far as Relish Bar & Grill and Turkuaz - both places that I have already blogged about.  I just figure it makes sense to exhaust these places first then move on to other venues.  And I'm a bit greedy.

This sea bass was to die for.  I decided to live though with the hopes of one day eating it again.

So it's definitely not edible but it's still a discovery well worth including.  I was more than over excited when I found this awesome magazine, if you haven't liked the Facebook page yet sort it out and follow this link.

With every great meal should go a great drink.  A twist on the classic spritzer and a Tom Collins - one very classic gin cocktail.

When you come to Relish always check the specials menu.  It's usually the only one I eat off just because there's guaranteed to be something on there I can't bear to miss out on.

Polpette Pollo Rigatoni
Fish Cake Salad

Now on to Turkuaz.  I love Turkish and Greek food, not just because it's delicious but because it's social food - you lay out loads of plates on the table and pick, share and natter your way through the meal.

This lager was highly delicious

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?  Halloumi!

I'm writing this straight after a big bowl of chilli con carne, yet I'm feeling like I could go for a mezze right now.  Is insatiable hunger disorder a thing?