28 Jun 2014

The Brutal And Beautiful

Today myself, Rachel and Dr Muttley headed to Sheffield for an exhibition by English Heritage called The Brutal And Beautiful.  It's in the perfect location of Park Hill, those old flats (which you can see perfectly in this blog post) that often cause a juxtaposition of opinions.  I sometimes think they look so bleak and old, but if I hear anyone who isn't from round these parts insulting them, I suddenly defend them with the ferocity of a parent protecting its child from a predator.  I love them kind of in the same way I still love my battered old teddy bear from my childhood.  There's nothing cute or cuddly about said teddy bear anymore, but it's mine, it's always been there and it holds memories and encompasses a part of my 'sense of home'.  Same goes for Park Hill!

I think the name of the exhibition says it better than I ever could: The Brutal And Beautiful.  There is something harsh about northern, and british in general, architecture.  But it's still beautiful.  The exhibition however, also aimed to convey the idea that the brutality lies not always in how these buildings look, but in how they're made and the materials that have been used.

In true Bad Blogger style, my camera battery died just as we arrived.  Luckily though I took my iPhone along too!

I really hope the flats at Park Hill become a thriving hub for Sheffield again one day.  They're certainly in a great spot with an amazing view of the city.  After the exhibition we called in at ROCO on Glossop Road.  This is a really exciting re-development project that, when finished, promises to be an amazing creative space for Sheffield.  It'll come complete with a roof terrace!  (I'm most excited about the roof terrace, mainly because it'll be a nice personal reminder for me of venues in Melbourne).

Follow them on Twitter here or even better go in and see them!