18 Jun 2014

House Of Fraser Blogger Meet Up, Leeds

I am not a beauty or style blogger.  I don't wear fake eye lashes, I have never fake tanned and I don't even own hair straighteners.  When I 'pose' I break out in fits of giggles, and my attitude to fashion is more of a 'go with how you feel' one, i.e. sometimes I look awesome, sometimes I look very plain, other times I look a bit mad.

When it comes to hair styling my general approach is let it dry and go.  At festivals my approach is a little different, it's usually spray with dry shampoo and go.  Yeah.

Needless to say when I learnt what would be involved at this meet up I thought 'oh that'll be fun!' and then I felt something a bit like dread in the pit of my stomach.  However, I'm not one to waste time on nerves so I said yes and decided I'd just go with an open mind (and a comb).  I wanted to go because the lovely girls at Search Laboratory did such an amazing job when they teamed up with House Of Fraser to host House Of Fashion - which I blogged about here.

It was held at The Pit in Chapel Allerton.  I didn't realise but I've actually been to Chap All before, it's a lovely suburb of Leeds.

Our challenge?  Create a festival hairstyle.  Whilst being photographed and documented.  Oh yeah and the whole thing will be showcased on the House Of Fraser blog.  What better way to gain exposure than by showing your prominent lack of hair styling talent to the online world eh?

The event was much more relaxed than I was expecting - very welcome as networking can sometimes be intimidating.  We chatted over food and drink about all sorts of things, then, sufficiently relaxed by wine, got stuck in to the hair styling.

Am I a beauty blogger now?  Nah, didn't think so

I think the event was a great success - I had fun, met some new bloggers and digital agency-ers and did something I don't normally do.  That's generally the hat trick I like to get from any sort of blogger event and I really hope to see more stuff like this happening in Leeds and the north in general.  We were lucky enough to receive goody bags too as a parting gift which contained some amazing scrubs and creams, the cherry on top however, was the biscuits with our names on them!  Such a thoughtful extra!

A big thank you again to Search Lab, keep it coming!

The other bloggers were:

Lozzy Love Lippy
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