22 Jun 2014

Diamond Live Lounge Launch, Doncaster

Last Thursday Rachel, the lovely editor of Doncopolitan magazine, invited me along to the launch of Diamond Live Lounge.  It's Doncaster's newest music venue and promises to be a hub for nightlife and bands in the town.  The location (35-46 Wood Street) and interior make it a perfect venue to host music performances.

I think there was some kind of football tournament going on?

The band were fantastic.  I actually met a few people who knew the band and are planning on hosting a  blues night here.  The first one should be in August and I'll be going to snap some pictures for the blog.

Thanks to Dominic for a great kick off and best of luck!  If you're from Doncaster support them by making sure you follow Diamond Live on Twitter here or like their Facebook page here for the latest news & events.