29 Jun 2014

Contiki Storyteller Challenge: Good Deed Of The Day

I love it when I find out bloggers that I follow and read regularly are reading my blog too.  Recently I was tweeted by Taylor Hearts Travel to help raise awareness about the Contiki Storyteller Challenge.  I really like Contiki and the way they market themselves.  On their website are tag lines such as 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do' and their favourite hashtag is #noregrets.  They're aimed at 18-35 year olds and as well as encouraging young people travel, they also want us to do it responsibly.  Looking after the world isn't someone else's job, it's our job.  I agree that you can't do everything - but you can do something.  

One of my biggest bug bears on all three of my extended trips abroad, has been seeing other travellers not taking care of their surroundings.  It's the height of ignorance.  The world is small these days and we are privileged to be able to travel to pretty much anywhere we want to, but with that privilege also comes a responsibility.

Contiki are taking their share of this responsibility by offering to sponsor a sea turtle for every 250,000 views this here video receives, this sponsorship will aid the Sea Turtle Conservancy continue their amazing work.  So if you want to help and do a good deed for today please watch this video.  Any tweets, like and shares wouldn't go a miss either.  Remember what I said the other day about the good that social media can do?

Many thanks to Taylor for inviting me to take part.  Doing one tiny good deed a day is just as important as a one giant deed in a lifetime.  We can all help in some way.

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