29 Jun 2014

Contiki Storyteller Challenge: Good Deed Of The Day

I love it when I find out bloggers that I follow and read regularly are reading my blog too.  Recently I was tweeted by Taylor Hearts Travel to help raise awareness about the Contiki Storyteller Challenge.  I really like Contiki and the way they market themselves.  On their website are tag lines such as 'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do' and their favourite hashtag is #noregrets.  They're aimed at 18-35 year olds and as well as encouraging young people travel, they also want us to do it responsibly.  Looking after the world isn't someone else's job, it's our job.  I agree that you can't do everything - but you can do something.  

28 Jun 2014

The Brutal And Beautiful

Today myself, Rachel and Dr Muttley headed to Sheffield for an exhibition by English Heritage called The Brutal And Beautiful.  It's in the perfect location of Park Hill, those old flats (which you can see perfectly in this blog post) that often cause a juxtaposition of opinions.  I sometimes think they look so bleak and old, but if I hear anyone who isn't from round these parts insulting them, I suddenly defend them with the ferocity of a parent protecting its child from a predator.  I love them kind of in the same way I still love my battered old teddy bear from my childhood.  There's nothing cute or cuddly about said teddy bear anymore, but it's mine, it's always been there and it holds memories and encompasses a part of my 'sense of home'.  Same goes for Park Hill!

26 Jun 2014

The New Fringe At Church View, Doncaster

It's very easy to disregard social media and say 'What's the point?  What good does it do?'.  I'd say it does a world of good, from saving lives during the Japanese tsunami, to making networking much easier in a small town like Doncaster.  If Twitter didn't exist, I would never have made digital contact with Rachel, editor of Doncopolitan, or with 'Dr Muttley', who contributed an article to the first issue.  A few weeks ago, on Twitter, he invited me to have a look at the art on show at Church View, as part of The New Fringe, and I finally got to meet him in person.  Disappointingly enough he isn't a cartoon dog in real life.

So thanks to Twitter, I can now bring you a taste of the amazing work being exhibited here.  It's right next to the Minster, so a very short walk from town and an even shorter one from the station.  Doncaster local or not, come have a look.  Why not?

The exhibition is running until 12 July and is open for public viewing Weds - Sat from 10:30am til 4:00pm.  I get that art isn't for everyone, but it's always worth keeping an open mind.  Especially when, like at this exhibition, the art on show is really varied and interesting.

With the sun out I couldn't resist a few snaps of the Minster itself

25 Jun 2014

Overseas Dreaming

I recently caught up with my friends Leanne and Rachel.  Me and these two marvellous young women have done our fair share of globetrotting over the past few years and on such a beautiful day in Sheffield we decided to pretend we were having dinner overseas somewhere warm.  Whenever I'm overseas I find it so easy to completely immerse myself in the present moment.  Back in blighty it feels difficult to do that, there's always something else to be thinking or worrying about.  But if I just pretend that I'm overseas then hey presto!  Present moment, me and nothing else!

24 Jun 2014

Weekend Bits

Does anyone else have friends that you can go months without seeing and when you do it's just the same as always?  The sort of friends you can do absolutely anything with, or nothing at all with?  I caught up with one such friend at the weekend in Coventry.

This is my new favourite magazine.  I love the way they approach travel as a lifelong necessity.

22 Jun 2014

Diamond Live Launch - What People Wore

After the second glass of wine last Thursday I suddenly gave birth to a brain child: I should take pictures of what people are wearing!  I got some great shots of the best dressed and even made a couple of new contacts.  Some very bright and beautiful clothing combinations:

Diamond Live Lounge Launch, Doncaster

Last Thursday Rachel, the lovely editor of Doncopolitan magazine, invited me along to the launch of Diamond Live Lounge.  It's Doncaster's newest music venue and promises to be a hub for nightlife and bands in the town.  The location (35-46 Wood Street) and interior make it a perfect venue to host music performances.

18 Jun 2014

House Of Fraser Blogger Meet Up, Leeds

I am not a beauty or style blogger.  I don't wear fake eye lashes, I have never fake tanned and I don't even own hair straighteners.  When I 'pose' I break out in fits of giggles, and my attitude to fashion is more of a 'go with how you feel' one, i.e. sometimes I look awesome, sometimes I look very plain, other times I look a bit mad.

When it comes to hair styling my general approach is let it dry and go.  At festivals my approach is a little different, it's usually spray with dry shampoo and go.  Yeah.

Needless to say when I learnt what would be involved at this meet up I thought 'oh that'll be fun!' and then I felt something a bit like dread in the pit of my stomach.  However, I'm not one to waste time on nerves so I said yes and decided I'd just go with an open mind (and a comb).  I wanted to go because the lovely girls at Search Laboratory did such an amazing job when they teamed up with House Of Fraser to host House Of Fashion - which I blogged about here.

It was held at The Pit in Chapel Allerton.  I didn't realise but I've actually been to Chap All before, it's a lovely suburb of Leeds.

Our challenge?  Create a festival hairstyle.  Whilst being photographed and documented.  Oh yeah and the whole thing will be showcased on the House Of Fraser blog.  What better way to gain exposure than by showing your prominent lack of hair styling talent to the online world eh?

The event was much more relaxed than I was expecting - very welcome as networking can sometimes be intimidating.  We chatted over food and drink about all sorts of things, then, sufficiently relaxed by wine, got stuck in to the hair styling.

5 Jun 2014

The Food Tour Continues

What better way to explore a city or town than by eating your way through it.  What?  Just me?  Well, good, more food to make its way to my belly then.  Recently I've been snapping images of the edible joys I've come across in Doncaster.  So far these mouth-watering expeditions have only gone as far as Relish Bar & Grill and Turkuaz - both places that I have already blogged about.  I just figure it makes sense to exhaust these places first then move on to other venues.  And I'm a bit greedy.

Mary's Reckoning

Last week I stumbled across this blog post.  When it comes to Bloody Marys, the garnish can be the most fun part of the drink.  One of the guys I used to work with at Relish Bar & Grill has a lot of creative flair when it comes to good garnishes, so I sent the link his way and jokingly asked if he could come up with something better.

A few comments later, he and Nathen had agreed to create a vegetarian themed and meat themed Bloody Mary.  We arranged a time, and I went in with camera and taste buds at the ready.  They really pulled out all the stops.

4 Jun 2014

Slow Club - Suffering You, Suffering Me

I'm the sort of person that likes to see things happen and be there when they do.  If I see a call out randomly for something interesting and creative on Facebook or something, I'll usually say yes and worry about the details after.

A guy I went to school is now knocking about in a pretty amazing band these days called Slow Club, and a few weeks ago put a call out for extras in their latest music video.  I went along just for the hell of it.

3 Jun 2014

Summer's First Sunday

I've said before that one of the things that I like about Doncaster is the sense of community here.  The group I used to work with at a bar in town got people together in Sprotbrough on Sunday to commemorate their friend Jim Firth with a skate competition and barbecue.  Good company, good weather and good skate combined to make it a lovely afternoon.  

I could sit and watch skateboarding for hours - but then I can sit and watch anything that requires talent and skill for hours.  I don't understand the bad press skateboarding receives, I don't see how it's any different to hobbies such as skydiving, horse riding or even something like art.  If it's a passion and you're good at it, keep doing it.