8 May 2014

Doncaster - Relish Bar & Grill

I like food.  I like eating it, talking about it, taking photos of it and cooking it.  But more often than not I prefer leaving out the latter and going to a restaurant instead.  Relish is one of Doncaster's best restaurants.  It's always busy, especially at weekends.  There's live music on Thursdays and sometimes Tuesdays, and being in a small town like Donny there's always a family orientated atmosphere.  It's a good combination that appeals to pretty much everyone.

I've eaten and drank there a lot over the past few weeks and have made sure to take my camera with me each time.  Here's a wee photo diary…

A few weeks ago I came in with my mum.  She had tarragon chicken (which made me turn green with envy when I saw it):

I had the sliders, three mini burgers all with a different twist.  Both these meals were off the specials - always worth looking at here.  The main menu is really good too, but the specials is, well, special. 

I can't resist a good burger, and definitely not perfectly cooked chips.  

Just look at that meat.  When scoffing down a delicious burger like an angry little pig I like nothing more than a glass of red to wash it down with, just to add some class.  Obviously, if there's red on the menu, I'm going to choose an Australian Shiraz.

Nearly gone!
A few weeks after this I came in again, just for a drink.  The bar here is really well stocked and so it should be, you can't mix a decent cocktail without proper spirits to go in it.

Busy at the weekend, as always

Finally, I also came in last night to catch up with my friend Rachel.  I arrived earlier than her, so to keep myself going I ordered the chicken skewers and an espresso martini - my favourite cocktail.

Then when Rachel arrived and I looked at the specials I noticed the chicken skewers again but with a twist… mojito chicken skewers.  Had them again, obviously.

I much prefer this to Fanta, so much more refreshing
And then I might have also had this beast of a dessert...

I don't know how anyone can be unhappy when there's strawberry sundae in the world.

Relish Bar & Grill
19 East Laith Gate
01302 342 936