15 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 4

The final instalment of my flying visit to the Welsh capital.  We were delighted to learn that check out wasn't until noon and breakfast was served until around 10:30am - meant we could have a decent lie in!  I did feel a little fuzzy headed when I woke up but martinis do that to you I guess!

Luckily we had breakfast at the hotel to look forward to.  I like hotel breakfasts, there's always an abundance of orange juice, tea and croissants.

And here there was nutella too, even better!

I've mentioned previously that the City Centre Budget ibis here was right next to the city centre.  It's literally a 5-10 minute walk from St Davids shopping centre and the main square, here:

Very central
We popped in after breakfast to pick up some bits and bobs from Boots.  Then as we left, we wandered into a place we'd passed the previous day, a place called Bill's.  Firstly, I urge you to click the link, because the website is a beautiful thing to behold.  Simple but SO aesthetically pleasing.  I love a well designed website.  Anyway, here are some pictures of inside!  Needless to say, we ended up having a second breakfast…

Another thing I love is attention to detail when it comes to decor
Dried chillis, wouldn't mind that in my own home!

Look out for the sign if you're ever in Cardiff!

After this we began our journey home.  A wonderful weekend galavanting, eating and giggling with my best friend.  Thanks ibis!