14 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 3

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this picture appear over the weekend:

Taken and tagged by Kay, it's me grinning at the extensive selection of gin at The Potted Pig.  When I decided to book us in at a restaurant in Cardiff, I wanted to make sure it was somewhere good and unique to Cardiff.  Somewhere that offered good food and drink and cared about doing so.  

Upon arrival we were informed of a special cocktail they were offering - a rhubarb jam infused martini, the jam used was made from 'hand foraged' rhubarb.  If that isn't caring about what you do then I don't know what is.

Perusing the guest book I discovered a note from one 'fat and happy' guest, bodes well!

The rhubarb martinis - they were VERY good

The menu here was paper - which tells me they must change it regularly.  There wasn't too much choice, everything was reasonably priced and it all made my mouth water a bit.  I plumped for a pigeon starter and rabbit main, while Kay chose the potted pig starter and the cassoulet for main.

Before all that however we were given some nibbles including bread and crackling.  Oh my good lord the crackling.  Behold:

This was the best crackling I've ever had.  Ever.  It was just perfect.  Poetic, even.  So good I asked them how it was made and they told me the chef's secret is slow and low.  It gets cooked for approximately 6 hours... definitely worth the wait.

Kay's happy post-crackling face
Potted pig.  It was amazing.
Pigeon, pear and bacon.  Aslo amazing.
Raj gin and tonic

The rabbit above there, which I felt horribly guilty for eating because last year I read Watership Down and have since felt a loyalty towards rabbits.  Pity they taste so good eh!

We then may or may not have asked for more crackling…

Followed by a much needed coffee...

We did plan to go out and paint the town red after this, but after so much food we just couldn't.  We headed back to our ibis haven and went to bed.  Yeah, I'm getting old and guess what, I don't care!  I love sleep!