12 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 2

After wiping our plates clean of clotted cream, jam and scone remnants we continued our wander.  The city centre is compact and easy to navigate, we soon found ourselves at the entrance to the castle.  We were going to go in, but when we saw the cost for a ticket we decided that money would be better spent on something like gin, so I just got a quick snap and we left.

A glimpse of a castle

By this point we were feeling… thirsty.  You saw Cafe Citta in part one, well now we stumbled across another place I'd read about online, Cosy Club.  This company have restaurants in a fair few South Western cities, they remind me a little of the company I used to work for whilst at University, The Orange Tree Group.  Small scale restaurant and bar chains that still maintain a local and independent feel.  I like that, it's the best of both worlds.

I know I bang on a lot about decor, but it really is essential to any venue.  Your first impression of any bar, cafe or restaurant will impact on your whole experience there.  Cosy Club and I got off on the right foot for sure.

Wine time
I know Kayleigh from University.  We lived together for three years, we worked at bars close to each other for a year and also at the same bar for a year.  We've backpacked for two months in South East Asia together.  We also ended up in Melbourne, Australia at the same time and hung out a lot.  She's my wing man, my other half.  We know each other inside out, to the point where we sometimes finish each other's sentences.  And yet somehow, she still manages to surprise me.  Usually with the magnificent faces she can pull...

So enigmatic

As luck would have it, another one of our University housemates, Charlotte, was visiting a friend in Cardiff that same weekend and so came and met us for a drink.

Beautiful English roses
We spent an hour or so catching up, giggling and discussing boys, travel plans and general happenings.  On our way back to the hotel we may have got sidetracked by Reiss.  There are some pretty nice shops at the St Davids shopping centre!

Bank accounts still in tact we arrived back to our rooms to rehydrate and get ready for dinner.  Part three to follow!