11 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 1

A few weeks ago I was invited to stay with ibis in Cardiff and blog about it.  After I took a few seconds to let the offer sink in, I accepted with gusto.  A few emails and arrangements later, it was all booked and arranged for the weekend just gone.  I've literally just got back, I'm exhausted, it was a wonderful weekend!

I got to take my best friend and partner in crime Kayleigh, who lives near Bristol.  She recently moved into a new flat and we haven't seen each other in ages, so I came down the night before to have good nosy round and catch up.  I was greeted with tea and a belated birthday gift, great after such a long trek down the country!

A cat themed card (obviously) and an adorable bird brooch.  Also note Kay's lovely foot rest, and slipper (bottom right).

Kayleigh and I like to eat, a lot, and really there's no better way to catch up with a friend than over food.  So armed with our bellies and my list of potential Cardiff based eateries we set off bright and early on Saturday morning (after a big breakfast, of course).

We nearly got blown off this bridge, I'm not kidding
Bit in love with my new denim shirt from H&M, can't stop wearing it
When we arrived we dropped off our stuff and got ready to head into town.  I chose to stay at the Budget City Centre Hotel ibis, mainly because it was very easy to drive to and find, and it's also right next to the city centre, literally a 5-10 minute walk, and also very close to the harbour.  Sadly though, the windy weather meant a trip to the water's edge was probably a bad idea, so we'd be sticking to the city this weekend.

Being a budget choice it was a lot more basic, but the rooms were still spotlessly clean, comfortable and had a few really nice touches to the decor and lighting - like the grass themed head board you can see above.

Bird brooch joined the brooch family on my coat.  A silver Bolivian hat and a hat pin - both from my late Grandma

Plenty of sockets, space to put your things, a television, free wifi and en suite.  Oh, and a bed of course, perfecto!

The helpful staff gave us a map and talked us through which way to go

Cardiff, like most UK cities, is architecturally beautiful and riddled with history.  The feel of the city reminded me a lot of Bristol, there's a very laid back, seaside vibe.  I absolutely love Bristol, so as soon as I felt reminded of it I knew I'd love Cardiff too.

This place has great reviews, tried to get in but it was full!

If you don't believe me about nearly being blown off the bridge, just look at Kay!  It was flippin' windy!  After wandering around in the gail force winds we decided a break was in order.  You're spoilt for choice in Cardiff when it comes to cafes, the place we eventually decided on was Barkers Teahouse in the High Street Arcade.

We can't really resist wares such as the above.  We were drawn in immediately.

We plumped for the luxury cream tea since we wanted to really splurge on dinner that evening, and chose to sit outside where we could people watch - they had blankets on the chairs after all.

The thing I loved about this place for all the 'high tea' etiquette and camararderie, the staff were totally down to earth, laid back and lovely.  

It's possible that Kay and I are old before our years
That is one sexy photo

So I'll admit that afternoon tea with cakes, scones and jam isn't very Welsh… but, well, if it's there I'll take it.  It was just nice to be in a new place exploring with my best friend.  Part two to follow!