2 May 2014

Birds Yard, Sheffield

I'm very lucky to finish work at midday on Fridays, this means I always have time to meet a friend for lunch in Sheffield.  Today I did just that, and after said lunch popped into Birds Yard en route to the station.  A local shop, for local people.  If you're not Northern or if you have never seen The League Of Gentlemen series then you probably won't get that.

Discovered this at Blue Moon Cafe, how have I never had it before?  So refreshing!

Birds Yard is located on Chapel Walk and is a shop that stocks products from local designers.  Clothes, crockery and all sorts of other bits and bobs.  It's basically a space for retail start ups and local designers to get their name and brand known.  They also stock other products from producers across the globe.

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know by now that I'm all about local & independent businesses.  I like things that are a bit more 'handpicked'.  Stocking such things, whether it's clothes, food, furniture…. anything you can think of, is always best.  It helps the local economy of wherever you live hugely, it's more sustainable as you can easily find out how and where the product is made, and it just generally promotes a stronger ethos of quality and individuality in my opinion.

I mean, why buy a regular cat scratching post when you could buy one like this:


I still miss life down under

The other marvellous thing about local products from local designers, is you will find products relating specifically to the identity of the place.  Take this mug and phone cover for example:


What?  A blue sky?!

I also took a picture of the Lyceum, just because I love the building.

Chapel Walk