1 May 2014

5 Things I Love About Being British

There's a certain je ne sais quoi to the inhabitants of our green and pleasant land.  British people are some of the bluntest, weirdest and funniest I've come across.  We're well aware of our flaws, of how crap our little island is sometimes and we don't care.  Alongside not caring, we mock ourselves, all the time, brilliantly.

Sarcastically grey London town!

1.  Sarcasm.

In Britain any social situation of any kind, from waiting in a queue to eating out to meeting with a mortgage adviser, is sprinkled with sarcasm in some way.  Especially when something bad or out of the ordinary happens.  Then the sarcasm parade charges with full force.  No one audibly acknowledges the sarcasm, we don't need to, we have a inert sense of sarcasm running through our veins.

2.  Over politeness

Sometimes I don't like this, sometimes it irritates me so much.  But other times I find it hilarious, because it's so ridiculous.  If someone sits next to you on a train and you're sat by the window, trying to get past them to go to the loo can be one of the most intense social interactions ever, even though absolutely no clear words are spoken (only apologetic noises are made) and there is strictly NO eye contact.  Why?!  I don't know, it's just how we are.

Train stations are host to some incredibly awkward yet polite social interactions
3.  Moaning about the weather

Again, sometimes this annoys me.  Other times I find myself joining in.  It is in fact a myth that us Brits moan about grey weather, the truth is we also moan when the sun is out.  Whatever the weather, we moan.

4.  Cuisine

I encountered a lot of abuse in Australia regarding British food.  Apparently we have a reputation for eating naff food.  Screw you.  A cup of tea, a bacon sarnie and a biscuit are three of the greatest edible things known to man.  Don't even get me started on egg and soldiers.

It's in our culture, good or bad
5.  Drinking culture

Binge drinking definitely is a problem, as is the fact that in the UK it's rare for people to socialise with strangers unless alcohol is involved.  That said, we know to put on a good piss up.  It doesn't matter if we're squashed together like sardines in a tiny pub, or in a huge warehouse, people in the UK are always up for a few bevvies.  The night life in the UK, albeit sometimes shocking and a tad worrying, is generally awesome in my opinion.

What do you like about being British?