31 May 2014

House Of Fashion At Baracoa Luxe Bar, Leeds

I was originally invited to this event back in February but was unable to go, so I was delighted to be invited again this month.  House Of Fashion is an runway event hosted by House Of Fraser, in order to raise money for The Global Hypotonia Charity.  I had my first taste of runways back in Melbourne, and drawing on from that experience had been really looking forward to this one.  Personally I just find runways a lot of fun, plus I love clothes.

23 May 2014

Doncaster - Heritage Walk

I owe Doncaster an apology.  Since the age of about eighteen I have pretty much been leaving to see other places, coming back, not liking it and leaving again.  I've literally never thought to actually immerse myself in Doncaster a little more or make an effort to learn anything about it.  I'm sorry Doncaster.

20 May 2014

'Girls Night In' At Laundry, Sheffield

I've said this many a time before, but I'll say it again.  One of my favourite things about being a blogger is getting to meet new people & other bloggers at quirky little events.  Tonight was one such event.  Laundry is a new salon in Sheffield, situated right next to Tamper Coffee on Arundel St.

In order to meet and greet their new client base, and just for a bit of fun, they organised a 'Girls Night In'.  Why not eh?  Free bubbly, some nibbles provided by Sociably Sweet and a chat with Jo Moon, an expert in looking younger naturally, not surgically.

I think fun events like this are a brilliant idea.  You meet like-minded people and always find out about small and interesting businesses that are local to you - I'd never even heard of Sociably Sweet before tonight.  Or Jo Moon for that matter!

15 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 4

The final instalment of my flying visit to the Welsh capital.  We were delighted to learn that check out wasn't until noon and breakfast was served until around 10:30am - meant we could have a decent lie in!  I did feel a little fuzzy headed when I woke up but martinis do that to you I guess!

Luckily we had breakfast at the hotel to look forward to.  I like hotel breakfasts, there's always an abundance of orange juice, tea and croissants.

14 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 3

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this picture appear over the weekend:

Taken and tagged by Kay, it's me grinning at the extensive selection of gin at The Potted Pig.  When I decided to book us in at a restaurant in Cardiff, I wanted to make sure it was somewhere good and unique to Cardiff.  Somewhere that offered good food and drink and cared about doing so.  

12 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 2

After wiping our plates clean of clotted cream, jam and scone remnants we continued our wander.  The city centre is compact and easy to navigate, we soon found ourselves at the entrance to the castle.  We were going to go in, but when we saw the cost for a ticket we decided that money would be better spent on something like gin, so I just got a quick snap and we left.

A glimpse of a castle

11 May 2014

Cardiff Weekend - Pt 1

A few weeks ago I was invited to stay with ibis in Cardiff and blog about it.  After I took a few seconds to let the offer sink in, I accepted with gusto.  A few emails and arrangements later, it was all booked and arranged for the weekend just gone.  I've literally just got back, I'm exhausted, it was a wonderful weekend!

I got to take my best friend and partner in crime Kayleigh, who lives near Bristol.  She recently moved into a new flat and we haven't seen each other in ages, so I came down the night before to have good nosy round and catch up.  I was greeted with tea and a belated birthday gift, great after such a long trek down the country!

8 May 2014

Doncaster - Relish Bar & Grill

I like food.  I like eating it, talking about it, taking photos of it and cooking it.  But more often than not I prefer leaving out the latter and going to a restaurant instead.  Relish is one of Doncaster's best restaurants.  It's always busy, especially at weekends.  There's live music on Thursdays and sometimes Tuesdays, and being in a small town like Donny there's always a family orientated atmosphere.  It's a good combination that appeals to pretty much everyone.

I've eaten and drank there a lot over the past few weeks and have made sure to take my camera with me each time.  Here's a wee photo diary…

A few weeks ago I came in with my mum.  She had tarragon chicken (which made me turn green with envy when I saw it):

6 May 2014

Dog's Birthday At Bird's Yard

After I wrote about Bird's Yard last week, they got in touch and kindly invited me to an event they hosted on Monday.  It was a community event in their basement, with performances from singers and a couple of stand ups. I love going to things like this so immediately said yes.  I'm really glad I went, the decor and atmosphere were serene and cosy, and the performances absolutely amazing.

We caught the last half of a set by Neil McSweeney, an amazingly talented singer.  We also saw two thirds of stand up act Staple/face and Nat Johnson - whose music blew me away.

3 May 2014

A Good Comeback To Street Harassment

Today I have my feminist hat on.  Actually, I always have my feminist hat on but more so than usual this fine Friday.  Before going on, I'll give you my definition of a feminist: a feminist is someone who wants equality for men and women.  That's it.

We need feminism because women are not treated equally to men.  One area of life as a woman that really gets my goat, is street harassment.  It's just a way to bully someone, nothing more, nothing less.  It has nothing to do with what a woman looks like or what she's wearing, and everything to do with asserting power and control over another human being by intimidating and frightening them.  How cowardly!

The last time I experienced street harassment, I was walking to work wearing a bright blue furry coat, this one to be precise:

2 May 2014

Birds Yard, Sheffield

I'm very lucky to finish work at midday on Fridays, this means I always have time to meet a friend for lunch in Sheffield.  Today I did just that, and after said lunch popped into Birds Yard en route to the station.  A local shop, for local people.  If you're not Northern or if you have never seen The League Of Gentlemen series then you probably won't get that.

Discovered this at Blue Moon Cafe, how have I never had it before?  So refreshing!

1 May 2014

5 Things I Love About Being British

There's a certain je ne sais quoi to the inhabitants of our green and pleasant land.  British people are some of the bluntest, weirdest and funniest I've come across.  We're well aware of our flaws, of how crap our little island is sometimes and we don't care.  Alongside not caring, we mock ourselves, all the time, brilliantly.

Sarcastically grey London town!