26 Apr 2014

Tips For Guys Dating A Girl Who Blogs

Yeah this isn't a serious post, but I randomly thought a of few funny little points while on a train last week and decided to put them on here.  Enjoy!

* Do read her blog

There's nothing I like to hear more than the words 'I was reading your blog the other day…', it is literally music to my ears.  Making an effort to this occasionally will definitely win you serious man friend points.

The sooner you accept the fact that a blogger takes photos of your food before you can eat it, the better

* Don't criticise social media

If you want to immediately lose said points, a good way to do it is to complain about how social media is saturating the modern world.  You know not of what you speak, there are countless bloggers out there making a living off their own back from this.  That's impressive, don't diss!

* Do suggest content

If someone sees something, goes somewhere, reads something and alerts me to it as potential blog content, I'm touched by that.  Go you, have your points back.

There's more to this than vanity.  Really.  No, really!

* Don't make fun of selflies

Love them or hate them, when you're a blogger taking a selfie or doing an OOTD (outfit of the day) post is NOT pure vanity.  It's a brilliant way to interact with followers & readers and to draw more traffic your way.  Bloggers are shrewder than you think!

* Do buy her blog related gifts

If you're dating a blogger, a bouquet of flowers is good.  But a camera gadget, a book on networking or even just a badge with a hashtag on it, is SO much better.

Do you have any of your own tips for dating a girl who blogs?  What about dating a boy who blogs?