30 Apr 2014

On Family And My Hometown

In Melbourne I was lucky enough to meet the families of some of the friends I made out there.  I was given a glimpse into typical Aussie life, had proper Christmas and Easter experiences, and was welcomed warmly by strangers at the other side of our little globe.  All of these encounters, as fun as they were and as privileged as I felt, only reminded me of one thing: my own family.

I am very lucky to be a part of a huge family.  My dad is one of four and my mum is one of six, and we're the sort of family where your second cousins are pretty much the same as first cousins.  On just one side of my family, I have about 25 second cousins and roughly 12 (or is it 13... 14?) first cousins.  Like all human families mine is far from perfect blah blah blah, but what's important is they're awesome and I love them a lot.

26 Apr 2014

Tips For Guys Dating A Girl Who Blogs

Yeah this isn't a serious post, but I randomly thought a of few funny little points while on a train last week and decided to put them on here.  Enjoy!

* Do read her blog

There's nothing I like to hear more than the words 'I was reading your blog the other day…', it is literally music to my ears.  Making an effort to this occasionally will definitely win you serious man friend points.

The sooner you accept the fact that a blogger takes photos of your food before you can eat it, the better

21 Apr 2014

Knives & Forks & Bricks

Sheffield is a somewhat hidden gem.  In the past it's come out as the safest city in the UK and more recently the happiest city in the UK.  It can feel a little bit like a very large village, everything feels 'local'.  For me the most notable thing about Sheffield is its industrial identity, which is very prominent and very well maintained.  This is a northern city, people here will say 'ey up' and call you things like 'love' or 'duck'.  This is a place where steel was manufactured for years, where people graft.  It's also home to some beautiful and quintessentially northern (in my opinion) architecture.

9 Apr 2014

The Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

I'm discovering there's a lot more to Sheffield than meets the eye.  Recently I visited the Millennium Gallery in the winter gardens to see some local art and exhibitions.  The prints really resonated with northern culture and the Sheffield way of life.  Think the peak district, think pubs, think steel manufacturing and cold weather!

6 Apr 2014

The Second Six Month Mark

In a couple of weeks' time I'll have been back in the UK for six months.  I can't believe how quickly it's gone.  I still feel like I stepped off the plane yesterday, I still miss Melbourne so much it physically hurts and I still feel like I'm 'just visiting' the UK.  Travelling is amazing, it's the best thing I've ever done and I'm excited for when I start planning another trip whenever that may be.  The experience of coming home however, is one very strange thing to go through.